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Yangshuo It is a county under the control of the city of Guilin, Guangxi, China. Its popularity is increasing every year without its beauty, the government is also actively adding various attractions to attract tourists from all over the world. Surrounded by karst mountains and adjacent to the Li River, this city is a must see. There are many interesting things in Guilin, one of which is Yangshuo Shangri-La Park.

Lakes, Rivers and Karst Hills

For the Shangri-La Park in Yangshuo do not confuse with a similar name. Because indeed in China many places are called Shangri-La. Everything is different Shangri-La in Yunan Province, the center is located Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the border of Sichuan County.

Why stop at Shangrila Yangshuo Park by must? According to the claims they have (meaning the Chinese government), this city spot is located in the most beautiful part of the Long River valley. The natural panorama of the garden is enhanced by artificial ones. Decorated with two bridges with romantic names: Bridge of the Wind and Bridge of the Rain.

Combined with the ethnic buildings that stand by the streams of tourists passing by, it doesn’t really feel like Shangri-La Park is a natural park with added knick-knacks scattered about.

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At first glance, it does not seem that this place is an artificial tourist. Entering the area, green willow trees around, a clean lake, bathed in flowers, a village with ethnic houses, and rice fields after rice fields.

Willow branches, krst hills and reflections in the water refresh the eyes. The waterwheel turns gently. The hills and their own houses in space also have a sense of being robbed.

Asal Nama Shangri-La

No Shangri-La actually there is poetry in Kunlun Mountains. It appears for the first time in a travel novel Lost Horizon, published 1933, by James Hilton. The chapter Shangri-La describes a mystical and harmonious valley, subtly removed from the monastery, and closed off. It is located to the west of the Kunlun Mountains.

I enjoyed the panoramic view of Yangshuo Shangri-La Park

The very word Shangri-La is synonymous with a place of utopia, beautiful, mystical, a land whose inhabitants are always happy, but isolated from outsiders. In novel Lost Horizonpeople who live in Shangri-La live up to 100 years old, never get sick and don’t age as quickly as normal people.

They believe that the emergence and new Horizons can regain lost momentum because of the destruction of life after World War II. Public unrest in social and political uncertainty, economic depression and the rise of fascism in Europe. Shangri-La is the answer to humanity’s bleak future.

Deep on the other side Ancient Tibetan scripturesIn the place which is said of Nghe-Beyul Khembalung. Khembalung is one of several beyul, secret places similar to Shangri-La. Buddhists believe Padmasambhava I built it from the 9th century. Designed as a beautiful and sacred sanctuary for Buddhists in times of turmoil or war.

Yangshuo Shangri-La Park

So it is the background that this natural panorama in Yangshuo is called Yangshuo Shangri-La Park. lake Li River the great karst peaks that we extorted, romanticized into Taman Shangri-Laa beautiful place that will make anyone happy.

Ethnic minority traditional music is welcomed such as Miao, Dong, Zhang and Yao

And of course I am very happy to be able to have a picnic in Shangrila Park. He is especially fascinated by natural forms. When it comes to Yangshuo, every time you pass on the road, sharp hills that seem to grow out of the rock appear everywhere.

The first aspect that visitors will encounter is the so-called booth Peach Pavilion. we pass a narrow road shaded by willows. A boat like a lake from the Internet. We are ready for the column Swallow Lakewhich is nothing else than the greatest tributaries Sungai Yu Long.

He is on the boat. There are girls who come from a local tribe. Unfortunately, too confident, do not speak English. Although he foamed at various places throughout the cruise, those who don’t understand our Mandarin are obliged with a simple nod.

What to Expect During This Cruise in China’s Guilin YangShuo Park?

Shangri-la Park consisting of lakes, rivers, ancient ethnic villages and rice fields – Photo: https://m.visitourchina.com/

This cruise also takes us into caves called water caves Beware of the Swallow. This cave has a story. They are associated with the name Shangri-La and the people with life. I tell you in the video, please keep it until it is perfect

During the cruise, from the lake shores, you will also be entertained by girls in various ethnic costumes. They sang and danced and cheered as they greeted the tourists.

The whole lake is divided into three parts; Outer Lake, Inner Lake, and Back Lake. On the lake stands a complex of traditional buildings with two bridges, called the Wind and the Rain.

By the bridge and by the path and a little failing, when seen from the boat, there are three Total pole. These variously carved stone pillars represent the primitive local religion and culture which is practiced today by the minority communities in the area. The whole thing, I think, is proper Asmat tribe in Papua.

The boat ride takes about 25 minutes.

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Best time to visit Shangrila Yangshuo Park, Guilin – China

  • I was in Yangshuo for two days. This Yangshuo Shangrila Park was able to catch in the morning. Because after 11 o’clock this destination is already very busy.
Yangshuo-Shangri-la-Park desa bahagia
  • As a result, it is a great time to visit the Guilin China lake before sunset. As the sun recedes over the rocky hills and orange light floods the fields, lakes, and rivers.
  • The best months to visit Yangshuo Shangri-La Park are from March to October, when it is sunny. But there is no guarantee that I came here in July and it rained from morning to evening. Less is more important than taking pictures.
  • Opening hours 8.00-17.30 for March-August.
  • Opening hours 8.30 -16.30 for September-February.
  • Avoid visiting Shangrila Park, Guilin China on Chinese public holidays as it is very crowded. The queue for the boat ride stretches for more than 2 hours.
  • In March the fields near the lake are covered with plants Golden Raptus Flowers beautiful

Dear Menuju Yangshuo Shangri-La Park – how to get there

It is located 39 kilometers from Guilin city and 15 kilometers from Yangshuo county. I was with a tour group so there were no problems getting there.

For those who are going abroad, you can follow this road;

Departure from Guilin

Take a regular bus from Guilin Tourist Station to Yangshuo. Or he can follow Li River Cruise ke Yangshuo, lalu ganti bus/taksi ke Shangri-La Park.

To leave From the city of Yangshuo

  1. There are regular buses/taxi to Shangri-La Park from West Street and Yangshuo Tourist Station.

2. For those who like to ride, you can ride a bicycle in Shangri-La Park. It takes about 1.5 hours if departing from Jalan Barat.

3. Walking to Shangri-La Park is also good. Also, you play. Located about 16 km from Yangshuo city, it takes you 3.5-4 hours.

Anyway, one of China’s Guilin destinations is a spot for all tourists.

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