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I did this Work From Home and 5 benefits that can make you cry in February 2022, when the world was still hit by the pandemic. Since the 3rd wave of Covid with its omicron cities has returned to the tape.

Working from home has been a long time for me, long before the pandemic hit the foundations of our lives. I thought of writing this when I just woke up from my sleep, sipping a cup of sugar palm milk coffee and enjoying the voice of Ebiet G Ade (am I not old school? :)). The look is drizzling. Opening the readable gadget, the network expressed its frustration via Twitter. Here he is stuck in a traffic jam in Batavia. So, after two years of silence, because most people are working at home, at the beginning of February 2022 Batavia returned to its behavior. Traffic jams everywhere!

From an extended family WAG, a female relative was online in a taxi. He was in charge of delivering a document to a client of a company he works for…” He was also stuck in business. “If I didn’t remember I was going to be fired, I would have turned around and gone home. You better take care of your children!!! Huhuhu…” He said.

It can be nice to work from home

Harbinger of Palm Sugar Ants

If so, how grateful I am to work at home with a husband. Because he decided to make an organic palm sugar brand with herring, I helped him. Understand small businesses, everything from capital to resources. Therefore, whatever resources are available, they must also be used. Married to each other 🙂

But of course I’m not necessarily like “The Samin who plays the monkey persona”, a deep narcissist. Telling the fortunes of the extended house WAG that you don’t need to leave the house. Because one narrow corner of the room in our house can be used to manage the office and administration of Arenga.

Build a business and become an Entrepreneur so you can work from home

But as before, we always encourage the relatives to open up their thoughts. We can always do that by starting at home. Owning your own business is a great opportunity to work at home. Because it passed after the pandemic, now WFH will return to a certain role.

“Eh, opening your business is difficult, are you? Besides your head and your skills are repeated?”

Everything is right! Lakes are not easy. But what is difficult in this world if we want to study, work and pray? The key is planning and execution. If you pay attention, there are many opportunities that can be handled in a domestic matter.

If you happen to be searching Google and find this article of mine, one of the possibilities is that you are taking a break from your current job and intend to open your own business. Please read the 7 advantages that I personally feel. It is not impossible that one day he will cry.

It is also read;

1. Free for a while

Usually people work from 8 am to 5 pm. However, if you are a resident of Batavia or other large cities, this type of normality does not always occur. You should leave early so you won’t be late for work. Back home late because of traffic jams. Not to mention meetings and meetings here and there.

For me, who is always drunk in the car for too long, especially when not moving, this can be the main reason. It is better to watch Drakor than to waste time on the road.

After morning prayer I can go back to sleep and wake up at 7. Take the children to school and go to sports. After a suitable time to work will be established, whether 8 hours or 14 hours for 6 full days, 5 days or 4 days.

Now remember you are the boss and the goal is to be productive. There is no exact time when the work starts and ends based on the wall clock. In fact, between working hours, if sleeping and needing rest, budget 30 minutes for sleep.

2. Is Grumpy a fire?

I don’t like strict bosses. You too right? Instead of constantly eating and feeling depressed, which leads to stress, mental illness, hair loss and heart disease, it is better to spend your energy on promoting your business. The average size can be enjoyed directly.

Life is too beautiful for others to always regret our actions and become our critics. By working at home and doing our own business, no one has the opportunity to blame us.

3. Don’t be afraid of layoffs

A sense of dread draws him in. I admit, one of the reasons why employees struggle to be good is because of the fear of being fired. Many sad stories of layoffs, so what do you have to stay there?

You can’t even work for other people if you’ve been transferred, relieved of your duties, and your skills are no longer needed in your former position. What is even more painful now is that they have a younger and more mature energy, whose experience may not be the same as yours.

The problem will be different if you have your own business. Work at home or have your own office. Because there is no word Termination of Employment (PHK) in the boss’s dictionary. What exists is independent in seeking to determine its own destiny

4. Who Needs Promotion?

After years in the same position, with no promotion and only a small salary increase, employees can turn bitter. What’s more, if the thing we are asking for is occupied by a stranger, the pain can be unbearable.

For those who are lazy and assume fate is the case, why not promote your business by working from home? Instead of waiting for five years or more, if we manage our business and continue to improve ourselves, within that time your home-based business will probably need a job in a tall building, next to the job that caused the serious injury.

What I like most about working from home like now is that the results can be enjoyed by the family immediately. Don’t forget that we also help the government to create jobs. Or to promote the economic level of the nation

5. Maximizing Skills Give a benefit to your company

It is not uncommon for us to study very well in school so that the skills acquired can be used at work. The bad news is that this is not the case for everyone. Many new academics with a GPA above 3.5 only do work that can be accomplished through high school grades. He also arranges his salary automatically. They are forced to do this because they have nothing else to do but to work.

Now if a big company doesn’t want to give you a job, it’s either because they think you’re incompetent or something else. Opening a business through home skills can be used as much as possible. Re-sharpen things that feel dull so that the business can run smoothly.

By opening your home business we have more choices. Decide for yourself how much responsibility you deserve. The experience in conducting my affairs made me thirsty for knowledge. You want to know more. Both those who have an effect on increasing the development of the company or promoting the Arenga brand.

As the business grows, the responsibility becomes greater.

6. Working from Home can take time to travel

Flexible in timing

This is what I like most about working from home right now. By the way, my hobby is traveling. If you look, most of the pages on this blog are about travel. It also follows the title of the blog.

Flexible time allows me to go through the low times. When everyone is busy at work, busy with responsibilities, I can go anywhere as far as my attention and reason can take me. Another advantage of working from home and having your own business is that during low times, prices tend to be cheaper.

There are still many benefits of having your own business and working from home, the benefits of which can make you cry with tears. In order not to be too long, I will finish here first.

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