White Radish and Bandung Soto Easy Way to Cook

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White Raphanus just picks up

Soto Bandung – I really like to go to plantations. Moreover, he often consumes garden plants. This is like going to the garden of white radish white roots) at Bogor. Such picnics are full of inspiration, growing knowledge about vegetables. Know how they grow from seed to harvest. The same is true of daily maintenance. Whether using pesticides to repel pests or organic gardening systems.

So you understand more why organic products are relatively more expensive than conventional ones. Because yes, maintenance is really difficult. It takes extra energy and energy.

White radish is called turnip in English. The presence of this vegetable is widely seen in supermarkets. There are also vegetable vendors, but rarely. Perhaps because they are less popular than carrots, the vegetable vendor rarely carries them unless ordered in advance.

However, the white root is very beneficial for health. Benefiting from lowering uric acid levels, overcoming stomach acid to treat the kidneys. Do not forget that the white radish is also rich in fiber and contains vitamins. Great for digestion.

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White radish is cooked What? How to cook Soto Bandung

What cooked white radish? The sure answer is Soto Bandung! Or it can also be used to mix other soups. Have you ever tried chicken soup with white radish? Wow, too delicious!

One reason is that no one knows why Soto Bandung is often cooked. Of course, the reason for this is that the kitchen is lazy. Now, how easy it is to cook Soto Bandung, friends!

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How to Cook My Version of Soto Bandung


  • 1/4 ground beef
  • 2 stalks of white radish, diced
  • 2 pieces of bruised galangal
  • 2 sticks of lemongrass
  • 1 tsp ground pepper
  • 1 tbsp fried onion
  • Bay leaves 2
  • 2 sticks of celery. rainbow

How to do it

  1. Cook the meat until tender. I said. Separate right.
  2. Reject the right.
  3. Add the meat and fry one at a time. Wait for the radish to soften.
  4. Add the galangal, lemon grass, lemon grass, bay leaves and ground pepper.
  5. Lift up the gates. Sprinkle with celery leaves and onion.

Easy, right?

That’s why turnip or turnip in English is quite familiar in my family. At least once a month I buy at the market. In addition, just like soto bandung, this dish can be enjoyed anytime.

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Another reason I can excuse is not cooking vegetables anymore. All that. There are meats and radishes that are served with vegetables.

He was never disappointed by Soto Bandung

He was never disappointed by Soto Bandung

But my story with bandung radish and soto has not always been smooth. I was put off by this food that probably originated in China. To demand shame.

Because I was so confident that I could serve a delicious soup at a social gathering, my environment offered to make it. To serve as support for the monthly environmental collection menu.

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I don’t know why the soup I made that day wasn’t delicious. Although the ingredients and cooking methods are the same. A sweetness against the usual savory and a hint of sweetness from the smell of horses.

That day just slips into the tongue. He feels neither left nor right. However, friends praise it when it is delicious. But I’m not too stupid to take it for granted.

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Since then I dare not do it carelessly menu was publicly offered. Even if you are forced to do it, be extra careful.

But, if I remember, I made the mess so uncomfortable, I made it random. But if the portion is increased, I add more or more seasoning. I, too, am stuck in the old way of thinking. It is made of rice, but my pillow. I learned that cooking also requires a change of mindset

White roots in Lorong Kenangan

Besides soto bandung, there are traces of other white roots in my memory. It comes from a time when I was still crazy about reading Kho Ping Hoo’s silent story. Forgetting this series, the warrior really wants to eat rice porridge with radishes.

He once said at breakfast that the human heart is white as a turnip. White hearts are not easily penetrated by black magic, he said.

If you have a story with white radish and soto bandung, do you have friends?


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