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Congratulations on considering your wedding proposal!

Finding the Perfect Location for a Wedding Proposal is Key! Opportunity can make or break your project, and that’s why it’s so important to choose your Spot proposal as close to perfection as possible.

Consider only the best for Special Days! It helps to share an invitation to three exclusive options for a proposal with a difference’ & ‘Lombok with a difference’ for a special day. Because it deserves a special place of great importance.

A wedding proposal dinner can be a wonderful proposal to your partner. Especially in the romantic and intimate setting of the beautiful Lombok and Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel. Make a lasting memory and start your journey to marriage with us. To propose details with The Lombok die planner proposal, chat now >

#1 Discover our Special Proposal / CelebrationZ Menu –

#2 Choose a Style: Choose the Lombok Lodge Over-the-Water Private Dining Area, a Private Seaside Table or a Private Table at our Barbecue Lounge for a private romantic beachside barbecue under the stars

#3 Plan the Details: Tell us your favorite love song

#3 Make a toast: before popping the question, make a hearty toast to your partner, expressing your love and appreciation
Champagne Menu –

#4 Pop the Question: When the moment feels right, get down on one knee and ask your partner to marry you

#5 Celebrate: Enjoy a Fireworks Display!

Dinner Display Ideas: A/Wine Bottle Proposal: Ask us to make a custom label for a bottle of wine, and we will deliver a special bottle to your table – B/ Lombok Lodge Band: compose your loving partner, Lombok Lodge Band serenad your partner with his/her favorite song his, follows your proposal – C/ Ask us to slip Commissioner Ringo on the table

IDR 3 230++ | price per couple
Including sparkling wine along with canapés, the acoustic wind of Love Song by Lombok Lodge Band, a delicious cake care by Chef Jiwa Raga, and a private Fireworks Commission

For a super romantic and unforgettable way to create a lasting memory and begin your journey to marriage, we highly recommend our Wedding Proposal Sunday Cruise & Lunch. Explore the beauty of Tanjung Beach & Gondang Beach while on one of the Lombok Lodge Boats.

#1 Choose your preferences: let us know your preferred Cruise Drinking Settings. Juice per person is included in the arrangement, as well as delicious Chef Jiwa’ Finger Bites. Bubbles are available on request with an additional charge –

#2 Time it Right: Make sure you plan for your time on the cruise. Consider waiting until the sun is just about to set – estimated at 6pm – to create a magical moment.

#3 Bring a special gift: Consider bringing a special gift, such as jewelry or an autographed letter, to present to your cruise partner.

SUNSET Cruise Display Ideas: Message in a Bottle: Write a love letter to your partner and put it in a bottle. Give us the bottle and your groom will find the bottle in the water near the boat while he cooks. Our boat crew will collect the bottle, and when the partner reads the letter, offer it.

#4 On your arrival at the Lodge – it is.
#5 Speak from the Heart: When the moment feels right, get down on one knee and ask your partner to marry you. Speak from the heart and express your love and interest.


#7 Enjoy your favorite acoustic Love Song by The Lombok Lodge Band, your Engagement Cake & Your proposal Fireworks!

IDR 5 810++ / IDR 7 030net 1 Price for Two
IDR 2 580K ++ (Sunset Cruise/ 2 Pax) + IDR 3 230++
Duration of the Sun Cruise – 2 hours – Recommended Departure Time – 5:00 pm

When it comes to your wedding proposal, why not consider a full ‘Day Proposal’ instead of a dinner proposal? We are at your service and ready to assist in any way we can to organize your special day. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Here it is suggested to us for the ‘Day of the Perfection of Paradise’;

A special lunch starts with this special day! Opt for one of our Private Dining Experiences on your Special Day; A Private Sea View at Lombok Lodge Medana Bay? The Boathouse at Medana Bay?
Both Proposal Dining Arrangements offer a unique romantic setting with a view of the ocean or beach.
Lunch Menu >
Champagne List >

The paradise of Lombok is famous for its idyllic beaches! Let’s board Bagno Di Gili on this special day! You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, boating or just relax in your Private Beach Gazebo. Remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and your own water tumbler with plenty of water throughout the day. Let’s enjoy!

Find more ideas to get the most out of your BDG day and our Blog Post ‘The Perfect Gili Day’ > you

Beach Project Ideas: Shell Hunting! Intempest and Innocent PP. The last thing he will suspect is to pick up the shell and find a message or a plan or an engagement ring. Like a hidden treasure plan, timing and placement are crucial in this beach plan so either place the ring in the shell with you and quickly place it on the ground near you while his attention is diverted. Or one of our beach waiters will set it up for you and keep it until the time is right.

Your ship’s crew & captain will be ready for you. I recommend that you leave Bagno Di Gili between 5:00 pm & 5:30 pm for the best sunset experiences. Your camera is ready for the most stunning sunset photos. Share your best shots on Instagram and tag @thelomboklodge @bagno.di.gili #TheLombokLodgeHospitality

6:00 AM – SPA CARE Pamper yourself
Your special day in Paradise is a great opportunity to indulge yourself with relaxing Spa treatments. Find Traditional Massages, Facials, and other treatments to help you relax and rejuvenate. * For extra guests, after your treatment our space can be used as a dressing area for your dinner.

Did you know we offer Special Spa Hours, just for you on this special day? We are happy to serve you late afternoon treatments on your return from your Bagno Di Gili Trip. Discover our Spa Menu >

8:00 AM – LUNCH PACKING ideas at Lombok Hotel Boutique HOTEL

CHEF Jiwa beach barbecue under the stars
End your special day in style with Chef Jiwa’s ‘Wolf’ Beach BBQ under the stars
Find our Beach Barbecue Menu >

Not a BBQ lover? Don’t miss Chef Jiwa’s Lobster Menu>



BAGNO DI GILI WEDDING DAY, starting from USD 790 ++ / USD 955 nett, price for two, including private beach breakfast and one bottle of champagne ‘Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve’ 375 ml, shuttle boat services to Bagno Di Gili, Bagno Di Gili Day -Pass including lunch for two, Sunset Cruise back to the Mansion, 2 60-Minute Spa Treatments of Choice, Private Jetty Dining with Set-Menu of the day for two, Love Song by Lombok Lodge Band and Engagement Fireworks.

Allow us to organize special days
Display ideas as above are available to guests of The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel, as well as guests of the Private Villa and outside guests. Dreamy, creative, and always thinking outside the box. We are here to help you organize your Momentum project. We love small things.
It’s the little things that elevate your beautiful presentation opportunity.

With one of the unique Proposal Day Itineraries as above, you will create an unforgettable memory and make your Wedding Proposal a truly special occasion!

Owner, Co-Founder and Wedding – & Invitation Planner of Lombok Hospitality

Call: +62 (0)851 00622 926

Source: Elaboarated and Quoted From Many Source

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