Ubud Food Festival 2013: Bali’s celebrated culinary festival returns

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At the Ubud Food Festival 2023, one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting culinary events is back. From June 30 to July 2, 2023; the solemnity to be celebrated will bring more 40 local and international chefs in the preparation of exhibitions, conferences, classes and dining experiences.

The theme of the festival is Solo (‘Tanah’)as a source of life and food, this year’s speakers will dig deep into the meaning of this crucial natural resource that sustains life. “Solo always provides and this year we want to honor his main importance. It is a very wise earth and a spiritual mother, which we often forget and, while it nourishes us, we must protect it,” said Festus. Founder and Director, Janet DeNeefe.

From Michelin stars in Asia and the world’s 50 best, chefs are coming to this year’s Ubud Food Festival in their finest. During the three days of the festival they will appear in unique lunches and dinners, food tastings and cooking demos, workshops and food talks; bringing their particular expertise with them, be it fusion dining or eco-friendly food products. Below we share some of the highlights of the lineup for the 2013 Ubud Food Festival.

The Ubud Food Festival 2013 line up

John Sign

As a chef, John Siy hails from the Philippines and has built an international career, having worked in the United States and several Scandinavian countries. She has been named the best female chef from Asia. Currently, he works as the head chef for Lolla Singapore, which offers Mediterranean cuisine with an Asian touch.

Gabriel Castagnetti

Gabriele has worked as a food scientist for the last 20 years in Europe and Asia. His projects mainly focus on creating healthy and delicious food, while solving environmental problems such as deforestation and climate change by focusing on food plants. He founded the Nth Wonder gelato brand, a vegan gelato using canari nuts from the rainforest as its main ingredient.

Little Elliott

Parva Elliott is an Indonesian chef, food critic and cookbook author who originally hails from North Sulawesi. It is best known for its mouth-watering fusion – a crossover between spicy Manadonese cuisine and Western food, such as Manadonese Risotto, or slow-roasted chicken with nutmeg and young leaves, bread dumplings, onion cream, walnuts and grapes.

LG Han

Singaporean chef, LG Han, is the founder of Labyrinth Restaurant, which offers contemporary Singaporean cuisine tinged with nostalgia. The food offered at Labyrinth, which has been recognized as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, has grown up inspired by the variety of flavors.

Hans Christian
Chef Hans Christian is the face behind Augusta Batavia, a fine dining restaurant that was recently named ‘The One to Watch’ by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. He runs a restaurant together with Budi Cahyadi from West Nusa Tenggara. The restaurant serves Indonesian food from different regions, such as octopus with Andaliman spices from North Sumatra, using French cooking techniques.

“UFF” Usage

What do you expect from the three-day festival? What is there to do, see and experience?

The festival offers thought-provoking panel discussions, immersive workshops, workshops, food tours, long table lunches, dinners, forest foraging and cocktail parties. You can spend the night in the center of the festival while experiencing Bali’s best pop-up stalls, film screenings, live music and DJs. Behold the wreckage of all the divers things

Culinary theater: A lively culinary scene celebrating Indonesian cuisine, featuring the archipelago’s most talented chefs. A chance to watch and learn directly from them, and of course, taste their creations for the first time.

Food for thought: Where all the important conversations happen is food! A stage for learning and insight as producers and consumers come together for the latest in culinary innovation to support sustainable agriculture.

Special events: From long dinners to unexpected chef collaborations, these UFF dinners are immersive experiences that feature Southeast Asia’s leading chefs in some of Bali’s favorite restaurants and kitchens.

Film and Music: Come sunset, the ‘Taman Kuliner’ festival hub becomes a place to eat, drink, sing, watch and be merry.

To find out more about the programme, line-up, special events and tickets head over ubudfoodfestival.com or to follow @ubudfoodfest on Instagram

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