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In this article I will share my experience of visiting Cangke Island, the way and the cost to visit this tourist place in Makassar, and the love story between two inhabitants of this island.

Indonesia is indeed known as a large archipelago country with marine biodiversity.

Thousands of islands with hidden treasures.

They never like gold, gems, or other precious minerals.

The real treasure lies under the sea, which must be preserved for posterity.

Cangke island is an island located in Spermond Islands in the western part of the city of Makassar.

On this island I had a memorable experience of great value.

A species of coral on Cangke Island

The Love Story of Daeng Abu and Ibu Maidah

Fifty years ago, Pulau Cangke was a small inhabited island.

Until one day a man named Daeng Abu he found himself in exile on this island

Daeng Abu suffers from leprosy which can be contagious.

He is not accepted by the local community, so he has to leave his island.

There is only one person who is loyal to Daeng Abu no matter what his condition is.

Maidah’s motherDaeng Abu’s wife lives on this remote island and visits Daeng Abu.

Slowly, Daeng Abu rebuilt everything from scratch.

He planted trees, built yards, even small huts.

Daeng Abu and Ibu Maidah

It is difficult to believe in a miracle or true love.

How can Daeng Abu, suffering from leprosy, still live his life now, especially on a remote island?

The life story of Daeng Abu and Ibu Maidah has become an inspiration to many.

Now more and more visitors are coming to meet the humble man and wife.

Daeng Abu also received an award for his support in protecting Cangke Island.

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How to get to Cangke Island from Makassar

To go to Cangke Island, you can rent a boat The port of Paotere or Bangkoa Timber Harbor in Makassar.

Travel time to Pulau Cangke is around 2.5 hours.

The price of the boat is IDR 1,000,000 per trip between delays cod.

This fishing boat fits up to 30 people. It is better to find friends or a group if the price is even cheaper.

If therefore into one, then The cost to Cangke Island is only IDR 50,000-IDR 100,000 per person:.

But you have your food again.

On this island many small cottages sleep. You can also use a tent or a sleeping bag.

The beauty of the Coral Reef on Cangke Island

The activity that must be done when visiting Cangke Island is of course snorkeling.

Like other small islands in the Spermonde Archipelago, Cangke Island has white sand beaches.

I am basically happy to see coral reefs and underwater beauty.

What I really want to go to Cangke Island is because of my friends deliverer I have said that the places here are the best in the Spermond Islands.

When I got there, I was immediately installed snorkeling mask and he was preparing to examine the frog’s legs.

My friend does not lie.

The best part is the left pillar to the east. On the right column there are many coral panels or a table of corals everywhere

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Visibilityhis goods also. Most hard coralsbut in some places they are also soft corals Again.

The current is quite steady, not too strong.

In some parts I feel the cold flow of the hot ones.

The distance between the surface and the coral reefs at high tide is about 2 meters.

But if he withdraws, the space is near.

Don’t worry about corals when snorkeling, watch out for sea urchins.

My personal snorkeling experience on this island is extraordinary.

In addition to several beautiful coral reefs, I also saw the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life.

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Snorkeling with rescue

The rainbow is so big, it can’t even be captured on camera because it’s so big.

The setting is also good, although it is cloudy, but the golden color is clear.

Spend the evening with my friends and spend time on the beach.

The full moon is shining and the stars are twinkling. The breeze, the calm sound of the sea, Xerxes and his songs sounding.

I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy a quiet life and be surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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By closing

Visit Cangke Island It was a very memorable experience for me.

In addition, you can snorkel to see beautiful coral reefs.

The road to Cangke Island is also not difficult, the cost is also cheaphe can meet directly with Daeng Abu and Lady Maidah.

So, when did you even come here?

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