Tips for Finding Cheap and Easy Boarding Houses for Migrants

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As you cross the sea, you will encounter obstacles very often I am looking for boarding. I feel on the one hand is excited because I live in a new place, I also find again a suitable place for working.

I think finding a boarding house is easy, easy, difficult.

Especially now, in the all-online age, we can board houses directly through sites or platforms on the internet.

It can be more of a challenge because, as newcomers, we are not too familiar with the city we have just visited, such as the site or the name of the village.

From my experience as a wanderer, I will share a few boarding house tips I hope you find the right choice.

Things to consider when looking for a boarding house

There are several important things to consider when looking for a boarding house, namely:


Location is the most important guideline for me when looking for a new boarding house.

I would definitely choose a boarding house that is close to the office where I work.

Especially in Batavia, where the traffic jams are extraordinary.

I don’t want to spend hours on the road because the distance between the boarding house and the office is far.

The first time I got a job in Batavia, my job was located in Bendungan Hilir, so when I was looking for a boarding house, I just looked around the area.

As a result, we found a boarding house that was only 5-minutes away.

It was the same with the company whose office was located in Cengkareng.

After looking around the area, I finally found an apartment that was only ten minutes away by motorcycle taxi.

Choosing the right location will save time.

I have more time to rest, because I don’t have to get up early, and after work I also use my free time for other activities.

In addition to a place that is close to the office or university (if we are still in college), it is good to look for a boarding house that is also not too far from public transport, for example near the station.

I also make sure that the area around the house is boarded up in markets/upstairs and places to eat.

Boarding Prices

After finding a suitable location, I recently searched for a boarding house that fit my budget.

Each course is different.

The cost of a boarding house also depends on the facilities of the boarding house.

The easier it is to board, the more expensive the rent for the boarded house will be.

I have my benchmark in determining the budget I want to spend on boarding houses, which is 15-20% of my salary.

Also check the payment method, is it per month, per three months, per six months, or per year? Does the price include electricity and water?

Boarding Facilities

Each boarding house has different facilities. Some of the facilities that kost usually offers are air conditioning, bathroom (inside or outside), kitchen, furniture, clean water; Wi-Fiand others.

Location and facilities will affect the price of a boarding house.

Morrow needs pain.

I am honestly quite a man simpleas long as I can sleep well and I am clearly content.


Safety is an important factor that should also be considered when looking for a boarding house.

Look for kosts that are located in safe areas where the crime rate is low.

It is more beneficial if the boarding house has a suitable security system such as security guards or surveillance cameras.

As a woman, I feel safer living in a female boarding house, but yes, it comes down to individual choices.

Recommended sites or platforms for finding boarding houses

As I said before, finding a boarding house is quite easy with websites or platforms that can help you search.

Here are 7 recommendations for sites or platforms you can use to find boarding houses.

1. RedDoorz, a Kost Search Site with distinctive Red Color

The name RedDoorz may already be familiar, especially to those who like to travel.

RedDoorz is one of the places of choice when looking for leisure vacation accommodation.

It turns out that RedDoorz also offers long-term accommodation, both in rooms and boarding rooms.

There are 3 types of accommodation offered by RedDoorz, namely: RedDoorz residents, Residents of RedDoorz Apartmentand Brassica Kost.

Convenient Boarding at RedDoorz it is because all the rooms have standards that are adapted, so there is no need to worry about the conditions of the boarding house and also the equipped facilities.

RedDoorz boarding prices are also quite friendly.

2. Infokost offers a lot of residential options

Infocost is one of the sites or forums that connect boarding owners and boarding seekers since 2007.

There are several housing options on this site, all of which have been verified by the Infokost team.

This site has quite a few different features, such as search filters, a history of the files you’ve searched for, and even applications you can download.

Infokost works with RedDoorz so you can also find RedDoorz boarding houses on this site.

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3. Come, find a boarding house with a subject living in an apartment

This site is suitable for those who prefer apartment residence.

Currently, Yukstay is more focused on the areas of Jabodetabek and Surabaya.

I personally like the look of the Yukstay website clean.

There are 2 types of models that you can choose from for renting an apartment at Yukstay, of course co-living and it unites the whole.

The concept of co-living is sharing an apartment but with different rooms at a much cheaper price. The whole unit He rents an entire private apartment.

The price can be per month or per year.

Of course, if you take it for a year, it will be cheaper.

All rooms are already on the Yukstay site fully equipped.

The convenience of living in an apartment, you can use the facilities gym not even a lake.

4. Search for boarding houses, platforms to search for boarding houses throughout Indonesia

According to the name of the place Find out the price is also a boarding house search site that is spread throughout Indonesia.

There are not only boarding houses, but also apartments; entertainment, home staynor the villages.

Everyone is made to be a free developer.

Boarding owners can also list boarded-up properties on this site for free, so the listed prices are direct prices of the boarded-up home owner without any other intermediary fees.

5. When the babe is boarding the house, he can directly contact the owner of the boarding house

There is another site that you can use Babe Kost.

On this site there are many options for rental housing from apartments, rooms, villas and others.

The information from Babe Kost is quite detailed and to the pointfrom property info, owners, facilities, fees, and even the phone number of the owner or manager of the boarding house.

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6. Flokq, a premium boarding house with a rented apartment model

Floq It is a site with services that are more geared towards the rental of premium apartments with a concept co-living.

Their services include a consultation where you can find out what type of apartment you want and their team will look for an apartment that suits your needs.

Another use is the Flokq site virtual tour apartment as you can see directly on their site.

In addition, the contract is more flexible.

There are many benefits of joining Flokq such as the rental price which includes electricity and water fees, complete facilities such as washingthe car Cleaned up, Wi-Fiand not even a gymnasium and a pool.

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7. Rent a boarding house, it’s easy to find a boarding house!

The last site you can use to find boarding houses is service price.

This site has a wide selection of boarding houses throughout Indonesia.

The advantages of Kost Rental site are that you can filter your search according to the criteria you want, from city location, type of boarding house (mixed/boy/girl/family), AC or no AC, bathroom or indoor or outdoor item price.

To find the kost

Here are the steps you can take, from searching for a boarding house to finding the right boarding house;

  1. Search through the boarding houses, you can go through the places I mentioned above.
  2. Several boarding houses are suitable for choosing (boarding house 3-5).
  3. Contact owner kost and appointment.
  4. Go to the boarding house to check the situation.
  5. Choose the most suitable kost.

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By closing

So there are some tips and even recommendations for boarding houses or search platforms.

Hopefully this information is useful and can help you find a boarding house, especially nomads.

If you have other suggestions or tips that can be shared, write them directly in the comments column below!

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