The Fascinating World of Stingless Bees

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The perfect choice for families with young children –

Did you know we have our own bees and apiary at The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate? Our bees produce honey which is served for breakfast and in the daily Traditional Afternoon Tea & Jamu liturgy at our properties.

Together with Pak Nyoman, keep at Lombok Lodge, I am proud to introduce you to our new guest activity, Fascinating World of Bees!

Beekeeping, known as Apiology, is an ancient tradition and practice that dates back to the 35th century BC. Keeping honey bees contributes to a healthy environment, as these mysterious creatures are responsible for the budding of fruits and plants.

The art of beekeeping requires skill and patience. A successful beekeeper will understand the balance of the bee colony and bee health.

Bees face many challenges today that are also attributed to climate change. As pollinators, bees play a vital part in ecosystems, supporting the growth of natural habitats where animals and other creatures can thrive. If bees had ceased to exist, most of the animals and insects we know today would have disappeared. Without bees we would not have food in our bowls.
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Discover the magic of these hard-working and vital creatures while they stay with us Private Villa Estate, Gondang Beach. We have organized a daily workshop for our Villa Residence guests!

What if there were no bees? With our ‘Madu Raja Trigona’ Honey production, Lombok Lodge introduces its youngest guests and accompanying adults to the secrets of the world of bees and their surroundings.

During the 45-minute workshop, guests can join a professional local keeper Nyoman and learn more about the world of bees, honey production, and what our bees “have to do” to create this sweet and super healthy temptation.

workshops in the private areas of the Villa Estate, where the beehives are located. Although our bee colony consists of bees without stingers, the hotel will provide protective netting and hats and gloves.

Our beekeeping taster sessions last approximately 45 minutes and will cover an introduction to beekeeping with our resident beekeeper Nyoman.

After an informative talk, it’s an opportunity to get our hands on bees, screening bee nets. You will be taken to our garden hotel, where some of our hives are located, and inside you will be shown the hives and how the honey is made.

…Hospitality is a flower for which Love is honey…


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