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What is the average total cost of living in Japan per month for housing, food, transportation, and even daily expenses?

Come on, read the experience A daughter who lived in Japan for 5 years.

Putri initially lived in Kyoto for 2.5 years to continue his MBA studies at Doshish University.

After graduating from college, he immediately worked in Nara and Tokyo. (1 Fri = IDR 110 as of May 2023)

Cost of renting an apartment in Japan

While living in Japan, I moved 4 times (hehe, a lot) and I admit that renting an apartment here is not easy with the state. a foreigner.

If you want to rent an apartment in Japan, you must use one driving.

There are 2 ways to get in touch driving:

  1. I came to the agent’s office directly and chose an apartment
  2. Check the apartment rental sites (Suumo, Goodrooms, Athome) and if you find a suitable unit, you can contact the official agent. into crime to create units

The total cost of renting apartments in Japan (Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo) is included utility priceher;

Kyoto: Size 1R around 17m2/¥36,000, internet & water inclusive plus utility ¥6000 (electricity ¥2000 Gas ¥4000) (1R here kitchen and one bedroom plus bathroom & toilet also mix). 5m to the station, 5m to the konbini and close to the campus.

Nara: Size 1DK around 33m2/¥50,000the internet exclusively so plus utility ¥14,000 (internet ¥5,500, water ¥1500, electricity ¥3500 gas ¥3,500), I need to take my contract completely. So far; A spacious 1DK room means a separate bedroom and dining/kitchen area. Separate toilet, shower, and powder room. Also the kitchen and the veranda are spacious. The distance from the station is 12 minutes, konbini is 1 minute because it is right in front of the apato.

Tokyo: Size 1K around 23m2/¥85,000; internet inclusive/ utility ¥14,000 (electricity ¥7000, water ¥2000, gas ¥5000). Distance from the station 5 minutes, konbini 3 minutes. I live in Shiomi, so it’s only 7 minutes to my office which is in Tokyo Station by train.

It can be said that The cost of renting an apartment in Japan is quite expensive.

If you live in an apartment this is 40 minutes – 1 hour away by train I owe 2x the same price size or a better apartment.

But because I claustrophobia, I know I can’t ride a crowded train

rush hour in Tokyo it’s really not a joke.

Fortunately, we just need to go up local train Go now and from office, so that it may be permitted to take a seat.

I ask note that the first price must be paid move-in in Japan it can be 4-5x the rental fee.

  • Deposit money: 1-2x rent
  • Management fee: 1x rent
  • Key money (thank you, because the owner of the apartment is allowed to pay the fee); 1-2x rent
  • Fire insurance/dwelling insurance: 1/2x rent
  • The surety of the fee; 1x rent
  • The first 1 month installment is paid in advance; 1x rent

Yes, Please prepare cash.

The cost of eating in Japan

I took lunch from work, so this is the price of lunch/dinner.

One meal from the average yoshinoya/sukiya/udon/ramen/Mcdonald’s type ¥550-¥1000.

Yes take away buy a bento box or konbini for an average of ¥500-¥700.

A phantom lunch that case is ¥1000-¥1600.

If you buy coffee at a convenience store, the average is ¥130 for a black ¥200 latte for regular size.

Meanwhile, the cheapest case is now ¥550 by the cup.

Dinner can be more expensive.

I am normal have around ¥2000-¥3000 for dinner out with friends or from a cafe, a bistro, to an izakaya.

It couldn’t be more expensiveup to ¥000 – if the drinker orders a drink.

Prices for everyday needs

It is much cheaper to cook.

But if you like vegetables, real vegetables are expensive here, the cheapest is cabbage (1 piece ¥200) and bean sprouts ¥50 per package.

For comparison, regular bokchoy 2 fillings here are ¥150, spinach ¥200, cauliflower ¥250, and 1 filling ¥200.

Food and fish, according to my opinion affordable compared to the vegetables.

Fruit? Don’t ask, mahaaaall!!

Normal my expenses for shopping or grocery week is ¥1,000 plus fruit/snacks ¥3,000.

If you add approx ¥30,000 per month.

First of all, the others must be cheaper, because I can’t get rid of the habit of eating fruit, just spending the same amount of money to buy fruit. grocerieshaha

Some price overview for other everyday items:

  • Reborn (1kg); ¥800
  • Eggs (12 seeds); ¥330
  • Fresh milk (1L); ¥250
  • Tomatoes (1kg); ¥600-¥900
  • Chicken (1kg); ¥1000

Transportation costs in Japan

You will be able to ride one public transport:

  • Bus: ¥220
  • JR: ¥170
  • Metro: ¥210

Transportation costs to my office ¥5600/monthThere is a walk in Tokyo now weekend ¥3000.

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Miscellaneous funding

Here it is free to go to the shrine / to the shrine, but to go to the souvenirs and attractions all are paid.

There are other productions that I usually produce toiletries ¥1500 washing ¥2000, snacks ¥10,000.

It’s the same as the cost of eating out with a friend’s office, right?

We usually do it once a month nomikai after office hoursusually around ¥3000-¥5000.

So how much is it in Japan per month if you live alone?

Approximately the cost of living in Japan per month economic around ¥160,000 (Rp. 17 million), flag Of ¥ 200,000 (Rp 22 million)And if anything hedon Of ¥ 230,000 (Rp 25 million).

Use in Japan

The cost of living in Japan varies greatly, and in fact the biggest expenses are in the apartment rental.

If you can go home and go by train, how can you get an apartment in the outskirts of Tokyo (for under ¥50,000/month)

The cost of eating the same more or less; or of Kyoto/Nara/Tokyo.

Tips: Because money It is not certain that we will divide the apartment that we want, because many owners do not want it a foreigner He will live in a cell.

Even though the gross salary looks great, after deductions this is common for us net 70 – 75% of salary.

If you can’t to perform apartment, live in share the house even himself recommended.

Usually half the cost of renting an apartment plus initial fee except 1-2x * monthly rent.

Tokyo is 11 – 12 with Batavia, How much do you have for us? it also varies greatly – according to each individual’s lifestyle.

What do you think? Is the cost of living in Japan expensive or cheap? Can you share it in the comments column below?

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