Taste authentic Thai cuisine at the all-new Paed Thai Restaurant

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Craving the rich and flavorful comfort of Thai cuisine? Look no further as the brand’s destination restaurant has opened in Canggu.

It was recently opened Foot Thai already making waves with its delicious and delicious dishes, it is quickly becoming a popular hotspot in Canggu’s eclectic and ever-evolving culinary scene. Open from 8am to 10pmThe restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner, where guests can also enjoy delicious cocktails and wine.

If you plan on visiting, be sure to include several of their signature dishes Hi Nang Rom Sotfresh oysters with Thai lemon; Tod Mun PlaThai fish cake mixed with Thai red curry paste served with sweet and sour chilli sauce; Yum Pla Dook Foocrispy fish served with Thai mango salad; Code Thai Goongrice noodles with shrimp bean sprouts, peanuts, sauce and lime; Tom Yum Hot Potspicy and sour soup with sea bass and mushroom in a sharp lemon sorbet; Tom Kha Gai Hot PotThai chicken and mushroom in coconut milk and lemongrass, galangal and herbs; Bua Lou with Caramelised Banana, classic Thai with caramelised bananas; and Khao Niao Ma Muangsweet sticky rice with mango crust.

Paed Thai offers an idyllic choice from casual dining with your group of friends to a romantic dinner with your significant other. Boasting a retro ambiance with elegant interiors, the restaurant features a captivating mural along the staircase, offering the perfect setting for those who love to take a bite out of socializing.

Complementing the tantalizing culinary offerings, Paed Thai also has an excellent drink menu, offering a wide range of signature cocktails to try. This includes the Whiskey Thai Teawhiskey cocktail with Thai tea, Foamee, and condensed milk; Paed Thai Tom Yumto digest with vodka, red chili, galangal tea, lemon juice and lemongrass syrup, and more. Paed Thai by Ini Vie Hospitality welcomes you to the all day dining venue to indulge in true Thai delicacies.

For more information or reservations, please contact + 62 812 3733 9353

Foot Thai
Jl. Padang Linjong No. 888x, Canggu
+62 812 3733 9353

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