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For those who want to take a trip to Singapore, let’s check it out journey report this!

Ideal if you want to play Singapore 4 daysof.

Itinerary Again below you can adjust for time and also your preferences!

Do you need a visa to travel to Singapore?

You do not need a visa to play in Singapore! For Indonesian citizens, we can get a visa free visit to Singapore for 30 days.

Before the port, you must charge health declaration form regularly online (Max 72 hours before arrival).

So, now that you have filled in your Indonesian passport, you can use it autogate to quiver – the process remains scan Prepare and photograph now!

How much money do you need for a Singapore holiday?

A question budgetaccording to the number of days travel style everyone too

The standard price is the ticket from the plane Batavia – Singapore PP around IDR 1.5 million – 2 million.

If it’s for kids, it’s not worth the price of high school volleyball.

The rest of your expenses depend on comfort, subsistence, and other things.


  • STALL / dormitory room = SGD 30 – 50 / room
  • Budget Hotels = SGD 100 – 150 / night
  • Star hotel = SGD 200++/night


  • Hawker center = SGD 6 – 7 per meal
  • Mall = SGD 10 ++ per meal
  • Cafe / restoran = SGD 15 – 30 per meal


  • Bus / MRT = SGD 1 – 2
  • Catch = SGD 10 ++

There are many tourist attractions in Singapore that you can visit for free BOOK

Only if you go with your family, you usually play A universal study or * Cloud Forest Giving you an entrance ticket and a price that you know is pretty good.

You can buy tickets by itself online via Klooksometimes the price is even cheaper and they are no longer available.

Holiday itinerary to Singapore 4 days 3 nights

Check out the sample journey below on the trip to Singapore:

Day 1 – Explore the city area and Marina Bay

the morning of the day; Before you start exploring, first fill your belly with a local style breakfast, of course kaya I will provide a set.

Look at your hostel near your inn, there should be a breakfast place like I will provide – at . circulator center or chain rich drinks such as ToastBox, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, or Fun Toast.

Eat until you’re full, okay, because we want to today daily walk! (If you are traveling with children/old people, you can take the bus or MRT)

We will visit the first spot small India

You can see the activities of local people in the morning – there are those who sell flowers, women shop in saris, men chat in coffee shops.

It may not be too busy in the morning, but usually in the afternoon this area is full of active people.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Little India are there Tan Teng Niah’s house and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

Try it hunting murals at Instagrammable photo spots around Little India.

Check here and other interesting spots around Little India.

Once you are satisfied with your tour of Little India, you can continue your journey to the area Kampong Glam.

A trip to Singapore won’t be complete if you don’t explore this area.

Interesting places around Kampong Glam are:

  • Sultan Mosque – the largest mosque in Singapore with a beautiful golden dome.
  • Arab Street – Middle Eastern style restaurants, souvenir shops, if you want Nasi Padang, there is also a restaurant.
  • Haji Lane – there are lots of murals – a cool lip, yes weekend fun nights there too live music.
  • Malay Heritage Center – Learn the history of the Malay community in Singapore.

Itinerary The area is close Bugs – many people like to go shopping here.

Here are three shopping centers viz Associated bugs, Bugs +and Bugis Street.

Usually, I just ride past because I don’t like shopping, hehe.

But if you are hungry you can find food around here too.

To explore Little India, Kampong Glam, and Bugis areas approx 2

You can go back to the stable to rest first and continue a little later in the afternoon, but if you are not tired, let’s continue walking again!

Yes, now we are starting to explore the nuances of the colonial style, so it feels like in Europe (the weather is different, isn’t it, it’s really hot in Singapore, haha).

About 10 minutes walk from Bugis and will arrive CHIJMES to be inaugurated.

This area was formerly a monastery, but now its function has changed multi-purpose headquarters and also restaurants.

Not bad to stop here briefly to the pictures.

Continue to see the City Hall area St. Andrew’s Cathedral and walk into the area National Gallery Singapore.

If you like works of art, you can really stop by the Singapore National Gallery.

Inside are many works by artists from neighboring countries, including Indonesia.

From here it is already close to the Marina Bay area anyway, so you can stop on walks and past like spots;

  • Supreme Court
  • House of Parliament
  • Art House
  • Victoria Concert Hall
  • Asian Civilizations Museum
  • Statue of Lord Stamford Raffles
  • Anderson
  • Fullerton Hotel

And finally to you Merlion Statue. Really exciting to walk around admiring the colonial buildings in Singapore!

Are you still strong?

If he is still strong, let’s go on the road again Marina Bay Sandsif you can’t, take public transportation (see Google Maps directly).

From the Merlion Statue, you can take a free or left turn to reach Sandas Bay Marina.

It is more exciting to go to the left lane because you will pass;

  • Pontus Jubilee
  • Esplanade
  • Helix Bridge

Well you can walking in the manHe can also play ArtScience MuseumOr go up Skypark observation deck see view Singapore city.

There is direct access from Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Gardens by the Bay – You can go through the MRT tunnel, you can also go over the bridge in the hotel (you can just search the information section in the market if it is not clear).

If you still have time, you can stop by Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, or Floral Fantasy in Gardens by The Bay.

Another thing is to walk around the park while waiting Gardens by the Bay light show on the hour 7.45 and 8.45 pm*.

After watching the light show, if you are not tired, you can go back to the Bay area view cute night!

You can see another light by name Spectra – Light & Water Show 8 and 9 with a schedule in the afternoon (Sunday – Thursday) and 8, 9, 10 in the afternoon (Friday – Saturday).

It is time to rest at the hotel.

Day 2 – Pulau Sentosa

There are 2 options that you can choose from journey the second day in Singapore:

Option 1: Play all day on Sentosa Island

Basically, if you’re going on vacation with your family or partner, you want to go Universal Studios Singapore which is in Sentosa Island.

You must go Live City (Harbourfront MRT) take the first train to Sentosa Island.

In Sentosa there are many other attractions besides Universal Studios such as SEA LIFE Aquarium, Madame Tussaudsyou can also go to the beaches (Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach).

You can read the article we wrote What are the tourist attractions in Sentosa Island?.

In the afternoon you can walk in the lively city or area Tanjong Pagar / Chinatown to find food.

Option 2: Explore Mount Smith and the city again

Early in the morning you can take the MRT to Harboufront Station (the same as if you want to go to Live City) to trekking the Montis Faber Just follow sign “I follow”.

TrekkingIt’s really easy. There is also an Instagrammable spot called here Henderson Waves.

Close to Handersen waves

Afterwards you can take the MRT to the area Tanjong Pagar for breakfast

In this area there are many cafes, also many restaurants and late at night.

You can take photos around Capsicum head and also Ann Siang Hill.

From the Tanjong Pagar area, it is too close Chinatown.

Walk in Chinatown Street Market also exciting, there are many shops selling souvenirs.

Don’t forget to stop by Buddha Tooth Relics of the temple – it is said that in this temple there is a true tooth of the Buddha.

You can do it in the afternoon or at night dinner Of Lau Pa Sat.

Chinatown mural

Day 3 – Fort Canning – Orchard Road

After two days full explore the city of Singapore; journey today will be more relaxing.

You can starting early morning or late afternoon is also good.

Today we will take a leisurely stroll Castle CanningBut first let’s go Central fire station and Old Hill Street Police Station to the images.

Well, Fort Canning was once used as a royal court, military headquarters, and administrative center of the colony.

Now the park is open with green trees.

You can stop by Sang Nila Utama Gardena garden dedicated to the prince of Palembang who founded the kingdom in Singapore in 1299.

Continue enjoying the shade of the trees and the view of the city of Singapore Fort Canning Tree Tunnel.

It’s really cute for taking pictures, but be prepared to queue.

Bypassing Fort Canning can also stop by Singapore National Museum if he is interested in the history of the state.

After this, you just have to walk Orchard Road — starting from Plaza Singapura, Somerset, Takashimaya, to ION Orchard.

If you want once shopping it really can! You already know, right? the airport Can to apply GST refund. Make sure you save it received-nya ya!

Day 4 – Katong and Joo Chiat

If you still have time, take time to play on the floor Joo Chiat oh!

Walking in this area is fun – there are lots of restaurants and kayaking cafes Chin Mee Chin Factory, 328 Katong Laksa, Birds of Paradise.

There are also many vintage shops in this area, so if you want to shop mnemonic well too

Ruma Bebe is interested in some places here; Peranakan Houses on Koon Seng Road and spotted wall paintings around this area.

If you still have time, you can cycle East Ortus Park and you will dine in * East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

But if you don’t have more time, you can go back to the airport and walk Jewel of Changi if not stopped when he just arrived in Singapore.

Well, that’s it journey 4 days 3 nights holiday for those of you who want to travel around Singapore!

Again you can adjust according to the number of days you have, if you want you can also change it. Have fun in Singapore!

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