Saluopa Poso waterfall like Flamenco forefathers made these leisures

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Saluopa Poso waterfall like Flamenco forefathers made these leisures

Saluopa Poso waterfall — Clear waters flow from the green colored river. It’s a shadow all around. The source is from Montes Veneto, an area that was once used to hide Santoso. An Eastern Mujahidin leader who died at the hands of Indonesians in 2016.

Saluopa broken in the village of Tonusu, West Pamona, Central Sulawesi. Creating tons of water falling together, hitting the rocks, creating a natural panorama that feeds the Creator.

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The place of Saluopa waterfall

If you go to Lake Poso, Saluopa is not far from there. Or, as I did, after enjoying the beauty of Lake Poso, the journey continues to the Bada Valley. On the way there, stop at the Saluopa Slide. Only a 30 minute drive to the parking lot. There are counters available to buy entrance tickets for Rp. 10,000/ person. There is no difference between holidays and holidays. The entrance fee is the same.

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Enjoy Poso Tropical Forest

The Saluopa Slide is actually located in the coastal area. But this place has a cool climate because it is in the Poso Tropical Forest area. As they say, 2-3 paddles are too much, seeing the waterfall enjoying the breeze of the Poso tropical forest

To get to the place of the waterfall, we will take a path that cuts through the Poso tropical forest. Leaving the skin gently scrubbed and the nose delirious with the distinctive scent of the rainforest.

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It closes the canopy of trees to form a canopy. Although the sun was shining, I did not feel the hat.

The wet smell of the wind reminds me of my childhood playground. In a village far inland in western Sumatra.

Leaves and shrubs are home to animals and plants that do not need sunlight. How moss covers some branches and trunks and woods. On the left side of the road we will hear the slow gurgling of the river water coming from the Saluopa Poso waterfall.

History of Saluopa Poso Waterfall

The Saluopa waterfall is inseparable from the history of the formation of Lake Poso and the island of Sulawesi. As we know, it is the Poso Lake lakes tectonics formed during the process of being placed between the east and west plates composing the island of Sulawesi. It lasted 12-16 million years.

Meanwhile, the Saluopa river experienced a fault in Tonusu Villa, in western Pamona. When it was done, no one knows. This is clear, whether due to earthquakes or other natural causes, Saluopa was formed by 12 faults, which formed 12 degrees of water slides.

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If friends stand from below and look up, this plane is like the fringes of dancing demons. Stacks and expands. Wide from the bottom to the top towards the thin and thin.

The terraces of these rows are made of rocky masses, which the water blows, sprays, white and sometimes up to our faces. It feels cold.

To enjoy it, climb slowly from the left, because the steps to climb are provided by the curator.

The steps are higher, lower and steep. Your friends like it carefully. At the top level you will find a plateau where the brave are camping there.

Now for friends who are brave enough to go down to the terrace of each step, you can soak and wash. Or like a water album with a selfie slide background.

And so when we say to Post again?

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