Sailing the Dragon’s Den

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With 3 major islands and at least 26 smaller ones, Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia’s biggest destinations. The huge area and space means that liveaboarding (many overnight trips) is the best way to explore and enjoy the area.

That’s exactly what we wrote about Leyla Liveaboard in May.

Our journey starts at 9am with pickup directly in front of our junction where we stayed the night before. A small boat takes us to Leylam, where after a quick tour and a welcome drink, we sail to the gardens, leaving for some 3 hours.

The national park is characterized by many islands in rolling savannas and serrated hills. It was predominantly green and yellow when we sailed as the rainy season had just concluded, but towards the end of the year they turn brown. The fantastic view made the trip of about three hours very enjoyable, especially during the sunset cruise. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch.

After that, the real water action begins. Michelle went diving while I decided to go snorkeling. From the famous spots, we are the only ones to experience the underwater beauty of Batu Pengah. Marked by a rocky mountain some miles from the island of Pengah, it is covered with stinking healthy coral and the usual marine life. I saw salty puffers with Michelle having a close encounter with a couple of hawksbill turtles.

Sunset was fast approaching and we decided to enjoy one of, if not the most, Iconic place in Indonesia: Padar Island. You’ve probably seen it somewhere before, the jwdropping landscape of four beaches stretching left and right, framed by exotic and textured hills.

It was magical to see the first hand, and to climb the eight hundred steps to reach the top.

There we were, with a glass of Chardonnay as we watched the sky turn from yellow to purple to dark.

The next day we got up early and walked around the Komodo islands to see the dragons for the first time. Making this journey in the morning was great as there were less people, it was less hot and the dragons were more active.

After a leisurely afternoon we sailed for a bit of snorkelling and diving to the east of the park, where every sunset becomes a natural spectacle. In the evening, thousands of huge fruit bats will fly from the small holes of the islands in search of food, making a wonderful spectacle.

After this, a special beach dinner is prepared for us on a nearby secret island. The island faces south, which in Indonesia means the direction of the milky sky in the month of May – October. Together with the fact that you enjoy dinner on a remote beach with no one else, make this a truly magical experience.

Here we wanted to spend several nights on the boat. At least three nights are ideal for exploring the main sites, and up to eight nights if you want to see everything the park has to offer.

We will definitely be back!

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Chris and Michelle

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