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With an area of ​​2,670 hectares, Rawa Pening is spread across 4 sub-districts in Semarang Regency. Covering the regions of Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang and Banyubiru. Derived from the word “abentes”, which means quiet, calm, peaceful. Rawa Pening Village is surrounded by Mount Merbabu, Mount Telomulyo, Mount Ungaran. It is not surprising that the natural lake that lies above is a beautiful stopover if a traveler stops in Semarang. One interesting point is the Wave Resto in Kampung Rawa Pening Ambarawa. In addition to the beautiful scenery, we can also enjoy the country food menu in the Floating Restaurant.

This is the 2nd time visiting Kampung Rawa Ambarawa. The first one was in 2013, when our eldest son died in a hospital in Semarang. Getting here, he uses many picnic stories, both in style, in posts, and on Instagram. Because Rawa Pening is so wide, the community has set up many places of pilgrimage, so that we can choose more freely. How close it is depends on the location.

Some Entrance Prices and How to Go to Palus Village Tourism

Video on Kampoeng Rawa Floating Restaurant

The road to the Kampoeng Rawa tourism area is easier. I checked out from The Wujil Hotel (the story of staying here will follow). So just take the Semarang-Solo toll road, enter Bawen-Ambarawa. Not far from Terminal a Bawen, turn right towards Jalan Jenderal M. Sarbini. the road is wide, evenly paved. He staggered a little near the city of Baweni, then went smoothly.

Soon we will reach a road with a view of rice fields, with low bunches opening to the mountains in the distance. Enter through a unique road through a gate labeled Wisa Kampung Rawa. So now there is a solution to enter Kampung Rawa Ambarawa tourism site.

At that time the latest price ticket, namely at the end of December 2021, Rp. It was 5,000/person. But if friends read other people’s posts, the ticket price is Rp.3,000/person.

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Kampoeng Rawa tourism Open or closed? And what are you doing there?

According to news circulating on social media, the Kampoeng Rawa site was closed by the city because it violated land use. The green belt area should not be made commercial.

Fortunately, when we came here from Ungaran, we did not know about the closure of this city spot. So thank God when I went there in December 2021 it was open. But when I got there, I was a bit confused, what should I do there?

The place is beautiful, the air is cool. Saung available for fishing. But because of the photos with Rawa Pening as the background, the place is closed a bit. So if you want to enjoy the lake full of desire, rent a boat. With this, friends can feel the air of Kampung Rawa Ambarawa from Rawa Pening.

The rest is to enjoy the cuisine, the Restaurant of their swimmers predicted that they are ready with a menu of style food.

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Rest Kampoeng Rawa Ambarawa in Rawa Pening

The main attraction in one of the tourist spots in Rawa Pening village is a floating restaurant with a unique concept. Content to go around Rawa Pening, head to the Rawa Pening restaurant, which is located to the right of the parking lot. What is unique about this place is the way to enter the restaurant. We will be transported by getek, a kind of boat that floats on 4 drums. This boat is controlled by 2 people. Another pulls from the edge, and another is in the boat.

Not long, only about 2 minutes. But it’s definitely interesting. Especially if you come here with children. They will love him.

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Floating Restaurant Menu

Capturing the concept of rustic food, all menus at Kampoeng Rawa Restaurant have Indonesian nuances. Start a-fried, fried, grilled, and fried, let it be fried. Slightly sweet savouries everywhere. It is not spicy at all for pure consumption. From fish, chicken, beef to seafood. Don’t forget different herbs like gado-gado and other green herbs.

Menu packages are available at Rawa Pening Restaurant. They can accommodate individuals, families, small to large groups. Folders divided according to Lesehan and Fish Menus, Restaurant Folder Type floating, and very different menus.

Happy holidays to Kampung Rawa Ambarawa, friends!

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