Processionally Eid Beef – Extortionate Prices Still Purchased

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Cut the beef for rendang

There is a special relationship between lthey were also eating beef? Very special. Because in addition to being delicious, glasses are also cultural. See the mark in every family that every year they strive to present their dishes on a special day. There is no explanation as to why people chose to pursue beef as an option, not mutton, buffalo or chicken.

So what is delicious beef?

So what is the special relationship between Eid and beef? What does beef taste like and ask to eat it before Eid?

The first answer is because it tastes delicious. The second response is to cultural factors.

We now know why ice cream and chocolate appeal to both the taste buds and most people. That is the action of the mixture of sugar and fat, making it pleasant to the tongue.

But what is so special about beef, especially during Eid and hunted by most of the women? Although the pile of scientific information about the harmful health effects of food continues to grow? Should I not say the price that had flown to heaven?

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Processionally Eid Beef from the Taste Side

And it must be answered, according to the taste, according to the scientists, in the mixture of particulars, that is, III meat, fat, umami.

Oh, before we go on, what is umami? It is umami tasty food or food. It is naturally found in plants and meat from three compounds. Are glutamate, inositol and guanylate.

Glutamate, an amino acid found in vegetables and meat. Iosinate is mainly found in food, and guanylate comes from plants.

Beef preparations for Eid are usually cooked with Indonesian spices and herbs that are known for their flavors. Cooked and seasoned food undergoes a process called Maillard reaction – This is a more permanent process that takes place when we cook beef in various spices for rendang, stew or empal.

According to scientists again Maillard this reaction is a strong stimulus for people. This was confirmed by Paul Breslin, professor of nutrition at Rutgers University.

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Processionally Eid Beef from Side cultures

Indonesian food culture is shaped by several elements such as nature, history and culture. With the immense geographical and cultural diversity evident throughout the archipelago, Indonesian cuisine is rich in variety and taste.

It is common among Indonesians to embrace the Muslim spirit with elaborate food preparations. Starting with exchanging Lebaran cakes and other gifts to colleagues, friends and loved ones after 2 weeks before Lebaran, or Eid al-Fitr.

Preparations continue two or one days before Eid with a curious cuisine. Cook the whole day to smoke ketupat, make sayur opor, rendang, stew or empal to eat ketupat with friends.

Processed beef is usually prepared for eating ketupat.

The pies are almost ready. All this was done so that everything was ready on the morning of Eid.

Variety of Beef Cuisine for Eid

A special processional beef rendang for Eid

For Eid, the food runs into different dishes, the traditions of the region of origin.

Rendang, although from Minangkabau, is mainly made. Of course, the standard language of the artist follows. The Javanese and the Sundanese follow their intuitive taste, so even if they use the same spices, there will definitely be a difference in the taste of their processed rendang. Don’t be surprised if there is a rendition that tastes sweeter than the original standard.

Later, the soup. This dish of beef with soy sauce hangs very well in addition to the ketupat plate.

In general, sayur ketupat is cooked in coconut milk, so the presence of the soup counteracts the rich flavor of the sauce.

Empal Meat – Empal is a beef dish called gandik or topside which is also called silver part cutting off the end of the hamstrings cattle. Meat texture part This tends to be thick and does not contain much fat.

Caro cattle afterwards they are boiled in spices and dry and tasty coconut milk.

Beef Prices are therefore Expensive

So it can be understood that two days before Eid the demand for beef biceps. When the market is attacked by buyers like this, the traders also act, raising the prices to the seventh heaven. In Cisalak-Cimanggis Market, before Eid 2022, prices at 300,000/kg

I think the price is a bit outrageous. Then my sister suggested we just go shopping at the market. There the prices are not too easily moved. But it turned out that there were many who thought so. When I got there, the food counter was already full, there was a queue like people waiting for the distribution of free groceries.

It is not surprising that the swallow is only priced at 120,000/kg while the rendang meat is 160,000/kg. This condition forced the shop to limit supply by imposing a limit so that each person could only buy a maximum of 2 kg of each type of meat.

Seeing the desperate atmosphere of the queue. Rendang taste is not special. But seeing the condition of the flesh, which, in our opinion, was not favorable to rescinding, he at last turned. What would you do to go back to traditional markets again?

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