Pari Sudha: Raising Bali’s Homestay charm

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Par Sudha is a boutique accommodation in the village of Petulu, just north of the city of Ubud, which exudes the desire and pace of yesterday’s Bali.

In the early days of the tourism scene in the city of Bali, travelers took refuge in the compounds of a local family and would have a residence. Here – among the wanderings of what were then mostly forests, fields and empty beaches – the resident hosts felt at home. Connection, personal connection, friendship and family. ‘When in Bali, do as Balinese’, we certainly wrote back then.

Of course times change, varieties change and tastes change. While homes have their role to play, they are now competing with the convenience and convenience of new and modern destinations. Bridging the gap is The Pari Sudha, a unique accommodation that finds a way to adopt the homestay concept to meet the needs and tastes of today’s guests, while maintaining the classic Balinese, family charm.

Only in Petulu a 5-minute drive from the center of Ubud; Par Sudha welcomes you to his village. As you come, you will pass the homes of local residents, and without a boundary between, you will be part of the neighborhood. The “domestay” sits on the edge of the field, with a view of the densest, lushest forest – five-star views! There are two spacious infinity pools and a traditional ‘Joglo Lounge’ made for reading and relaxing, all looking out onto this tree cover, and enjoying the fresh and clean air of Ubud.

There are eight pedicles that go along the walls of the valley, the interior of the palisade roofs and the homey bali style. There are four types available, including the Sacred Retreat, opening onto a semi-private pool; Forest Labyrinth, with a private balcony and a lab; Pool Access; and the Forest Retreat, a peaceful escape with a spacious, jungle-view balcony. Each of the botanical chambers is also provided with pleasant sensations.

Adding to the family atmosphere, the staff at The Pari Sudha are recruited from the local village, this includes their expert open-air massage therapists. And most importantly, at Sandaran, the in-house restaurant, two Balinese chefs lead the kitchen, serving great, homemade food with great taste and quality.

Comfortable and charming with its own and community style approach to accommodation, Par Sudha aims to provide comfort in more ways than one with amenities and facilities. Run by a Balinese family, the perception is that sometimes guests want to experience “the feeling”, the atmosphere that tells them, “Yes, this can only be Bali”.

Pari Sudha
Jl., Raya Petulu, Br. Petulu Village, Ubud
+62 361 9086 147

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