One of Bali’s biggest success stories is John Hardy, a homegrown artisanal tradition gone international. The global appreciation of the brand’s artisanal toys not only fostered the continuation of the craft, but helped to establish the reputation of the island

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Nestled in the harbor town of Labuan Bajo at the western end of the tropical paradise of Flores is an hour’s flight from Bali; AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach the first luxury resort in Komodo offering eco-friendly accommodations, exquisite facilities, recreational

For those in need of speed, a long-distance buggy ride through the blissful wilderness of Bali’s mountains is the ticket! Your guns at Rev Mason Tully’s Jungle Buggiesadrenaline rush experience in Taro, north of Ubud. Located just 5 minutes from

Exciting news from Alila Villas Uluwatu, five-star luxury, meets the southern cliffs above Bali, as they launch their very own artist-created house: Alila Botanic. In recent years, Bali has seen a boom in the local spirits industry, as island-based producers

Bali is a destination where people find inspiration through its unique, eclectic and deeply rooted art scene and industry. Whilst galleries and studios invite you to look upon the great works of local creatives, one can do more than just

Adding to the already impressive range, Indonesian Wine II has released its all-new sparkling Shiraz, making it a grand total of 10 varieties in its collection. The wines of the two islands are vinified here in Bali using premium grapes