New Concoctions in the Apéritif Cocktail Anthology Collection

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Apéritif Bar in Ubud introduces a series of new cocktails to its Cocktail Collection, inspired by key figures in Ubud’s history in the 1930s.

The Cocktail Anthology first launched in 2012As Head Mixologist, Panji Wisrawan is driven to create a drink menu that includes the most famous figures, artists and academics from the era of Bali. These included Margarita Mead, Colin McPhee and Miguel Covarrubias. The new addition to the Anthology Cocktail table serves up five new creations, namely: Artist, Dancer, Philanthropist, Prince and Tramp.

Cocktail Anthology: The Latest Drink List


Inspiration: Rudolph Bonnet
Cocktail Manners: Nutty & Creamy

The ‘artist’ was inspired by Dutch artist Rudolf Bonnet, who was committed to promoting and preserving Balinese culture through dance, music and ceremonies when he was invited to live in Ubud by Cokorda Gde Raka Sukawati in 1929.

Ingredients: Jura 12 YO, Pistachio, Tonka Bean, Lemon and Albumin.


Inspiration: Beryl De Zoete
Cocktail Manners: Floral & Sweetened

‘The Healer’ was inspired by the English ballet dancer, dance critic, and dance researcher, Beryl De Zoete. A frequent visitor to Bali, he was a pioneer in field dancing. He worked with Walter Spies to create the seminal work “Dance and Drama in Bali”, which is to this day the definitive reference for traditional Balinese dance and theatrical forms.

Ingredients: Tamarillo Roku Gin, Selaka Ning, Lava Chamomile, Raspberry, Asam, Cekala, and Albumin.


Inspiration: Barbara Hutton
Cocktail Manners: Herbal & Nectarous

Barbara Hutton is an American inspired heiress for ‘The Philanthropist’. A celebrity for his extravagant lifestyle, he moved to Bali in the 1930s. The island is held by the arts and culture, it became the patron of the Balinese dance.

Ingredients: Haku Vodka, Cocchi Americano, Soursop Whey, Lychee, and Markut Lime.


Inspiration: Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati
Cocktail Manners: Robust & Earthy

The prince was inspired by the king of Ubud, Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati, who was committed to preserving and promoting Balinese culture and arts. In 1927, the first-born German artist in Moscow, Walter Spies, and together with I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and Rudolf Bonnet, created Pita Maha, an artist cooperative that promoted local artists and preserved Balinese culture.

Ingredients: Courvoisier VSOP, PX Sherry, Abandoned Banana Campari, Pino De Bali, and Mesoyi Absinthe Smoke.


Inspiration: Charlie Chaplin
Cocktail Manners: Fruity & Delicate

The legendary actor, Charlie Chaplin, most famous for his comedy character Tramp and his classic silent film masterpieces, was the inspiration behind ‘Tramp’. Inspired by Bali’s spiritualism and natural beauty, he moved to the island in 1830 and found comfort in the tranquility of the island, where he explored his spiritual side.

Ingredients: Leave Dark Plantation, Cynar, Black Wine Rice, Coconut, Pandan, Jackfruit, and Makrut Lime.

Innovative, delicately balanced and made with award-winning spirits, the anthology of Aperetif Cocktails thrills not only in taste, but also in its ability to take drinkers on an annual journey into the colorful history of Bali.

Aperitif Restaurant and Bar
Jl. Lanyahan, Banjar Nagi, Ubud, Gianyar Regency
+62 361 908 2777

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