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In this episode of the “NOW! Bali Podcast, we welcome Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem and Bruce Carpenter, authors of Ghosts of Bali: Between Heaven and Hell,” an epic 2-volume collection of traditional Balinese figures – a landmark publication set to define this field of art in ages. This event is available as a video and can be viewed but can also be listened to.

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About the people of Bali and its authors

In Bali at the end of December 2022, they were launched at the attractions of Tandjung Sari, a public document of the history of the living art tradition of the island, the acclaimed co-authors of the school; Prof. Dr. I made a bandand the historian; Bruce W. Carpenter.

Prof. Dr, A respected author, scholar and educator, Bandem is considered a world authority on Balinese dance and drama. He not only studies and saves, but is called a dancer himself. For the book he worked alongside Anglo-American art history; Bruce W. CarpenterHe is a recognized scholar in his field, who has also curated several museum exhibitions and is the co-author of more than twenty volumes on the arts and culture of Indonesia. Masks of Bali is a continuation of the decision to produce large and important books, due to the long neglected art forms in this archipelagic nation. Their research and essays open the foreword of Joko Widodo, President of the Republic of Indonesia.

This two-volume set of books is the first study of the origins, history, and living legacy of the Balinese mask dance, an ancient performance art that has existed for over a thousand years. It features 600 characters, with 1,000 different images, including masks never before photographed, and of course very detailed information about the entire field of masks, species, individual species, carpenters and dancing masks. It became a luxurious museum thanks to the talents of Doddy Obenk, who photographed hundreds of rare masks, and his design and project maestro, Ni Luh Ketut Sukarniasih.

Larvae Bali: Between Heaven and Hell has been completed for four years, and as such is an invaluable effort to preserve art. It features figures from the 15th century to the early 20th, originating from temples, palaces, monuments and private collections around the world.

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