Kawisari Coffee: From Java’s Oldest Coffee Plantation to the Heart of Canggu

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Kawisari Coffee Farm Shop & Eatery Bali is now open for coffee breaks, tea time, brunch… and everything in between! Adjacent to Hotel Tugu Bali in Batu Bolong street front, Kawisari invites patrons to taste cups and dishes made using organic produce from the oldest coffee plantations in East Java.

The Tugu Kawisari Coffee Plantation located on the slopes of Mt Kelud, East Java – overlooking Mt Kawi, the name of the plantation. Founded in 1870, it covers 850 hectares of fertile land, a thousand meters above sea level, where the conditions are ripe for growing robust Arabica beans. These are hand sorted and processed to create Tugu Kawisari Coffee, which won the most outstanding contribution of agricultural products at AVPA Paris 2019 for medium Robusta Dark. It literally makes for the perfect cup of Java! This is sold and served at the Kawisari shop, where guests can choose from organic and roasted beans to have their coffee freshly brewed or take home. The shop also offers other organic, farm-grown goods from the plantation, including teas, honey, fresh fruit sticks to delicious chocolate truffles.

First available for retail and takeaways only, the Kawisari Coffee Farm Shop & Eatery Bali Expanded to the second table, guests are invited to dinner. You will find a variety of dishes for the country tables, including authentic Indonesian dishes, a classic menu, a brunch menu, vegan-friendly, and delicious sandwiches. He prides himself on the island, cooking among other scrumptious dishes, making the best piles. The new second floor boasts a cozy al-fresco space, as well as a homey home space, great for catching up with friends or catching up on some work.

Kawisari Coffee is available for online delivery and monthly subscription, but why not head to the shop and eatery in Canggu and taste organic, farm-fresh goods straight from the source!

Kawisari Coffee Farm Shop & Eatery Bali
Batu Bolong Beach Road, Canggu
+62 811 3883 553

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