Kadaut, A Solo Exhibition by Ngurah Paramartha

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Currently on display at the Santrian Art Gallery, Sanur, is ‘Kadaut’, the latest exhibition created by Balinese artist, AA Ngurah Paramartha. Opened on April 7, the exhibition features 13 paintings on the wall and 3 workshops, which will be on display until May 31, 2023.

‘Kadaut’ is the Balinese word for ‘captured’ – the condition of being attracted or attached to something. It is about the state in which the artist Ngurah Paramartha finds himself in producing works for this exhibition. Hence the name of the body of this work. The artist explains that ‘kadaut’ represents his observed experience in painting.

That initial stroke of the brush on the canvas and the palette, which is the freedom at the beginning of the painting, at least a kind of “kadaut” in him that encourages him to present figures, a story, a narrative, inspired by wayang stories; tantra, history, archaeological artifacts, personal anecdotes. The compulsion of the stream of consciousness. He would say the same, this is the purest level of creative inspiration.

The exhibition describes a great visual experience, with each of Ngurah’s pieces, seemingly separate, isolated in material and message, connecting the thread of the artist’s process. He admits that he did not pay attention to the rules of reasoning or logic as he began by applying the colors of his palette strokes. Without a topic to work towards, Ngurah instead allows the creative process to perpetuate itself, giving it the freedom to “be”.

Visual iconography thus spans from wayang to Mayan. For example, in “The Adversary of the Goddess of Fortune”, which depicts the figures of Dewi Sita and Ravana, we see the interpretation of Ngurah wayang, remaining true in the iconography of the rule (such as the shape of the crown, facial expressions, etc.) but abstracted and about these.

Wayang stories are contained in the two epics of the Vedic cult, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, for example in several of his works Ngurah. One of them is in the work “The Adversary of the Goddess of Fortune”, which depicts the figures of Dewi Sita and Ravana.

AA Ngurah Paramartha (b. 1974) was born in Denpasar, Bali. He completed his art education at the STSI Denpasar campus. Ngurah has been actively involved in the Ten Art Group he has created with nine artists of his generation since 2004. He had solo exhibitions with the titles “Secret Desire” at Hideout Fine Art Ubud (2003), and “Life of Exploration” at Ten Art Gallery Sanur (2011).

the exhibition is presented by the Gurat Institute & Art Project; exhibition notes originally written in Indonesian by I Made Susanta Dwitanaya.

Kadaut is available for viewers every day 7 April to 31 May 2013 – open at 10AM 6PM. Follow the Gurat Institute on Instagram for more information: @gurainstitute

Santrian Art Gallery
Jalan Danau Tamblingan, No. 47, Sanur
0361 288181

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