Jealousy and Jealousy, How to Overcome the Infertility Complex?

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Envy is a mental illness

Envy is a mental illness in which the sufferer feels hatred or hatred for something they have but do not have. Of the diseases of envy, when envy is known, many examples can be seen all around of itself. Below are ways to overcome self-esteem or inferior complex

There is an interesting sentence about jealousy and envy that I found in the book:

We don’t give them fertilizer, but the weeds spread quickly. We do not know how, but the reeds must be seized, so that nothing grows in the beautiful gardens. Before it is too late, don’t worry about the pen. They destroy the reeds promiscuously, and do not provide them with food.

Weeds are synonymous with envy, jealousy and envy

48 Law of Power

So I found the example above from the book Robert Greene of which he speaks of the 48 Laws of Power. For those who desire power, respect power, or want to arm themselves against power.

This 48 book is truly inspiring about the Laws of Power. We know more about the darker nature of human emotions. And I was hooked on one chapter envy and jealousy

In Law 46 Green reveals historical facts that are hundreds of years old. ” It’s never too perfect. A look above others invites its own danger, namely, envy. And envy creates the most venomous dumb enemies. So said Greene.

I am stuck in this chapter. I find that the truth of this passage cannot be denied below:

Of all the troublers of the mind, envy is the only troubler that no one admits.

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The understanding of envy and jealousy

Hence, our inferiority complex has a difficult time accepting it. Therefore, with some superior skill, talent, form, form, power, anxiety.

The reason is that most people have a very high opinion of themselves. We think that the abyss in the middle is greater. But when we have come together in a greater way, we are not as clear a thing as before.

It is the disturbance to the self-image that provokes negative emotions. You are thinking of seeking comfort from us. If only we had the talents or skills of that great person, we would be happy.

But not. Do not think that we are equal to those who are truly great. Finally, you made us envy

We never envy ourselves

Unfortunately, we were brought up in a society that does not accommodate envy and jealousy. We cannot admit that we are jealous. This action will be criticized by the company. After all, showing feelings of envy is the same as feeling inferior.

We want to admit that our true desires are our deepest desires. Rich, handsome, active, harmonious family, going to heaven.

But we never want to admit that we feel jealous. It is easier to admit that we are poor than to openly admit that we are hated.

Characteristics of the Zealot and Zeal of the People

Jealousy cannot be hidden

Thus the feelings of jealousy and envy are preserved. It is a shame if people envy us. If he is caught, I don’t know where he will put my face.

We are intelligent creatures of God. Then we cover the lower part in many ways.

As if finding material to criticize the person who makes us feel insecure. We may say: “No, he is smarter than me. Precious, richer, but impudent, and has no conscience. Deceived.

Well, if you listen, take a closer look, maybe it’s one of the signs of a jealous person.

And if we do not detract, perhaps we praise too much. Well, according to Robert Greene, too much praise is a disguised form of envy. That can be used as a characteristic of the zealot.

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How to overcome an inferiority complex

But we are not common prophets. It is natural that when we see more people, we also want that opinion. It seems that envy was not created by God without meaning. It is used for every human affection.

Unfortunately, jealousy or envy has the power to destroy human relationships. And make us suffer. Knowing how to act is very important. Do not envy your co-workers or partners. Envy, envy, envy in this sense of inferiority is dangerous.

Here are 5 ways to deal with it;

1. Positive thinking

People who are easily jealous, envious or jealous tend to be too hard on themselves. Don’t be like that. I pity you.

Instead of allowing those negative emotions to ruin your life, turn your energy to looking for the positive. Focus on all improvements possible.

Don’t be as tall, make as much money, or live in a nice house as your friends. But the matter has no substance.

Notice the good things in your life. If necessary, make a list. Believe me, we shall find much to be proud of: things are certainly not so bad as one might think.

This is one of the most powerful ways to get rid of low self-esteem or overcome lower compl.x.

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2. It is said to be what it is

If it is best to face something, it is to face reality. Make the matter as it is. Whenever feelings of envy, jealousy and envy come to you, learn to be open, accept that these feelings are there.

When you encounter situations that can affect these negative emotions, you should know that there are only two choices;

A. – Accept the situation as it is. Let envy and malice take hold in the heart. But he immediately realized that such a movement is always a way of changing the state.

B. Just let your feelings go down a laborious path. Because as much as we want to change, there are so many obstacles in the way.

Realize that we don’t always have control over certain things. It doesn’t matter whether the center of envy is related to material things, how beautiful or handsome someone is, or if someone prefers to care about you.

Know that only your emotions can control your situation. Accept all the raging emotions. Don’t reject it, accept it as it is.

The sooner you accept the truth, the sooner you will begin to overcome jealousy, malice and jealousy.

3. Don’t Be Yourself With Others

One of the fastest ways to overcome envy and jealousy is to stop comparing yourself to others.

Looking beautiful, glamorous and rich as celebrities who appear on TV or social media can be very attractive. Who doesn’t like it? But remembering life can seem like a story when you only see one.

Or after watching Korean dramas, you may wonder why your partner isn’t as romantic or as sweet as Lee Min Ho. You can also look at the lives of relatives or friends. How do they have everything you want, but you don’t?

Then you will not go anywhere, but you will make yourself miserable.

Realize that there are no people in this world who do not have problems. Everyone spends the weekend. To find happiness we don’t have to, like other people.

So how do they get around the car next door, a nice house and a lot of money? They can spend time abroad at any time. Travel to exotic places while you can only enjoy photos from Instagram.

Likewise, the business of friends is much more successful. Meanwhile, is the palm sugar business similar from year to year?

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There are always 2 sides of a coin. We cannot see the direction behind from the front. We envy successful people because they probably worked really hard. Maybe they paid, not having time to enjoy.

Lee Min Ho is indeed handsome and romantic. I remember seeing you in the drama. It is a story in setsg to entertain Is he actually as romantic as in the drama, he only knows his beloved dog.

So stop comparing yourself to others. It will only reduce the value of our lives in various aspects. It seems that God did not create all men the same. Either in appearance, or in wealth, or in power.

Always comparing life with others helps us not win inferior complex.

Growing skills and confidence can overcome envy, jealousy and social jealousy

envy; envy and social jealousy has never existed if you have the right skills and self-confidence. So, having a new skill is one way to overcome it inferior complex. The good news is, all of these skills can be learned and practiced.

Compose your simulacrum with the various necessary skills. Read a lot, expand the company. If you are applying a new skill, trust and the positive thinking program will work.

Think about your accomplishments and accomplishments, motivating you to learn even more. Think how it will feel when all the skills are completed.

What do you think, friends?


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