How to become a beginner Freelancer, a salary of ten Millions

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How to be freelancer for beginners to be able to receive and work with growth online where did you come from?

Maybe you want to do this, get pocket money or extra income – whether you are still a student or someone who is already working – but you feel that the salary is not enough.

Well you can try the name freelancing.

You know right? freelancing What is?

simply put freelancing type of work no bond or contract with.

Basically you need to work through job or by * project.

I will tell you a little about my experience, I used to offer my services on the platform liberating

Then I offered my services contraction friendly intervention and SEO friendly post.

At first he only got 1-2 customers, but after a while there were customers who ordered 10 items at a time.

My biggest project was also written as 150 items!

Indeed, I did not do it myself, in the end I also needed the help of others.

Earnings as a person freelancer

Well, sometimes we think so freelancer There is no fixed price.

It is true, but yes you can get clients who repeating the orderwill be income consist of monthly.

For example, because they provide services social media interaction then, that I am dying.price there are times almost a year.

So every month 1 planning content, design, and Instagram post.

At peak times, I had 3 social media accounts and supply If I’m not mistaken, the article is 7 pages long – and this will last every month – in addition to the individual jobs I received freelancing platform.

There are times of the month when I produce more than IDR 10 million from * freelancing go.

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Freelancing platform

Well, to offer services freelancingYou can use several platforms – they are in Indonesia,, socialbuzz gigbut I personally use it fastwork.

If in foreign places, noble, there fiverr and upwork.

If you are more comfortable communicating in Indonesian, you can only use domestic sites.

Well, if it can be done outside crime more expensivebut the contention hardens, because it is an offering of servitude freelancer from all over the world

In addition, you must also have adequate English skills.

But there’s nothing wrong with trying to create something free.

If you want to offer your services in all areas freelancing it is, why?

How to be freelancer beginner

So, here I am sharing the steps you can take to start your career deliverer

1. Definition of services freelancing according to the skills you have

If you are good at planning, you can offer planning services, or programming, content writing, translationand so on.

I’ll give you an example of the jobs that are available at Fastwork, right? The problem is, I actually use Fastwork.

What if you don’t have the skills?

Yes.. you can try easy work like typing; data entry, voice inor to review

Hence my advice always Boat craft and knowing yourself with new knowledge so that you can do more opportunity.

2. Create an account on the site freelancing

Then, you can register an account on a free site that seems suitable for you – if you want to register an account on all sites, that’s fine too.

Again, since I am at the top, I will give you an example on this platform.

Complete your profile and the job you want to offer.

You can check freelancer others to report, how they make descriptions, and what prices they offer.

3. Set up a portfolio

Don’t forget to prepare your portfolio as well.

It doesn’t have a CV format, because clients usually see the jobs you’ve done before.

If generally compile Google Drive so that if the customers who ask, they can directly share the link just ask

An example of my portfolio

Well, later when you’ve completed your profile and work, you’ll review the work schedule.

If all the information is true, your works will be active and live.

I also mentioned earlier that there is no charge for the registered summit.

But he will fastwork We deduct a 10% service charge from the price we receive freelancer.

For example, if the service you provide costs 100,000, which means that after the job is done, you will have 90,000.

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Provides advice to clients on the job

Now I will share tips on how to offer service to clients.

Ideal anyway Your profile or work must be in the first view fastwork page

Yes, he got it exposition which is important and when people search for a particular job, they can see your profile immediately.

As much as possible, make the profile interesting from the title to the complete job description.

And so from the summit itself, I said, what are the elements that can affect your dignity;

  1. How will you respond if you respond to customer chats? So if you have a quick answer, the answer is fast, of course experience better customers, yes, this will be more for you.
  2. How many job offers to enter and convert into pensions.
  3. Can you complete the job in time?
  4. Reviews given by customers. If the client is satisfied with your results and gives a good review, surely Fastwork will be more willing to recommend your profile and work.

OK, that’s as much information as I can get participants how to be a man freelancer especially for those who are still starting out, so that you can get money out of pocket.

Good bye!

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