HOMM presents the Sarana Baturiti Tropical Refuge on Mount Bedugul

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Experience comfort in the beautiful hills of Bedugul, where the new destination offers a peaceful retreat amidst the blissful and natural surroundings. Opened in March 2023, HOMM Sarana Baturiti by Banyan Tree Group welcomes guests on its flight to the ground.

As a newly born brand from the Banyan Tree Group collection, HOMM properties reflect its distinctive design style. MAN Sarana Baturiti that very thing. As the first HOMM property in Indonesia, HOMM Saranam Baturiti highlights the stunning Bedugul countryside, exciting guests and offering unique activities suitable for families, couples or solo travelers.

The name Saranam is derived from a Sanskrit word that means refuge, and the new accommodation aims to be a destination for all activities and experiences, providing guests with a new “home of travel”. Equipped with 71 rooms and 10 villas, the new hotel aims to accommodate guests’ needs with its facilities, exquisite services, dining options, activities, local attractions and, most notably, presenting a homey ambience. The hotel also features a main ballroom, three spacious rooms and suites, suitable for weddings, meetings, conferences or family reunions.

HOMM Sarana Baturiti combines the concept of destination living with timeless happiness, offering a one-stop destination for entertainment with a variety of youth programs. The hotel boasts a warm and relaxed ambience with a HUMAN identity to elevate the guest experience and make them feel right at home.

The proposed programs include moments of renewal through its facilities, organized recreational and immersive recreational activities and a culinary experience that will bring back memories with a kind of home cooking. In addition, the farm-to-table hotel will be a highlight, as it will allow guests to immerse themselves in nature, grow their own food and participate in hands-on activities including gardening, workshops and cooking classes.

As part of the group’s ‘Greater Stay For Good Programme’, each event will ask a HUMAN for a unique endangered species, which is displayed in origami art in the lobby. Property Bali takes on the Bali Starling or ‘Jalak Bali’, a critically endangered bird species native to the island, as a mascot and property identifier to recognize the importance of conservation and protection of this endangered species.

MAN Sarana Baturiti
Jl. Baturiti – Meksarsari, Baturiti, Tabanan
+62 368 230 1000

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