Hiii… So Horrible! These are the 5 Original Indonesian Black Magic

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Original Indonesian Black Magic Hey Aladdiners! Have you ever watched the movie Queen of the Dark Arts yet? If not, this is a 2019 production movie to reform from the film of the same name starring Suzanne in 1981. In the story, the main antagonist in both films uses supernatural or magical powers to accomplish evil purposes. This is what black magic means. In fact, black magic has been practiced in Indonesia since the days of the kingdom, in the Dutch East Indies, after independence until now. In today’s era, with great digitization, it turns out that black magic is not extinct in Indonesia. Yes, and a sad course. For example, like witchcraft, which can now be done by seeing someone’s photo from a cell phone, etc. There are many types of black magic in Indonesia, here are 5 that are often practiced in Indonesia.

1. Witchcraft

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Witchcraft is man’s way of harming others at a distance. Sorcery is done by someone who has a grudge, usually with the help of a shaman. Santet is believed to have originated from the language of the Osing tribe (a native tribe of Banyuwangi, East Java) which is an abbreviation of the word tight fist (Follows) or * messianic bent (They jump back). People who are exposed to poisoning can experience serious illnesses, paralysis, mental disorders, die tragically, etc.

2. Pesugihan

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Everyone needs money to survive. But there are people who have a lot of money to fulfill their worldly desires. He is the kind of people who are prone to be seduced into the practice of pesugihan. Pesugihan is a ritual to get money immediately, and indeed involves the supernatural. This ritual is not free, some kind of sacrifice or dowry, supernatural requirements to work. When they die, it is believed that the performers of magical rituals become slaves to supernatural beings who urge them to ‘help’ them acquire wealth.

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3. Pellets

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So the pain is without end..” It is a lament that is often thrown by Cu Pat Kai, one of the characters in the Sakti Kera series, whose romantic experiences often fail. It is true that love can change a person’s attitude 180 degrees, to the point of taking action if his love does not work. People who are blinded by love are abused in many ways just because they have false love, one of which is balls. a secret type that functions subconsciously to influence the love of the person sending the button. Usually the person struck by the ball will be stunned or unconscious, and very eager to meet the ball sent.

4. Leak

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Leak is the magic that comes from Bali. Until now, Leak has been described as a creature with a terrifying face, long canine teeth and bulging eyes, whereas Leak is a man who practices black magic. People who practice the knowledge of emanation can turn into living things other than humans and inanimate objects, and can also turn into orbs. It is said that when a person pierces the neck through a slit from the bottom to the head, if the head is separated from the body for a certain time, he will die by oozing.


5. Appearance

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Kuyang is a ghost that comes from Kalimantan. Like Leak, Kuyang is actually a human (female) who practices black magic. With this knowledge, doctors can separate the head from the body at night to prey. A separate head will swim with the internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, stomach, etc. If you find prey, which is usually a baby or the blood of a woman after childbirth, then the blood of the prey will be absorbed until it comes out, and the kuyang will perish. Kuyang can also change into animals like birds or cats.

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