Explore the beauty of Sekampung Dam Road, the newest tourist destination in Lampung

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Via Sekampung Dam Tour – For me, Bandar Lampung is 2nd house after Serpong. Especially when it is used with a picnic in its natural charm and culinary delights, for these two Lampung will never go out of style.

In addition to Lampung Province, even a very short distance from Serpong if you want to enjoy exotic beaches, untouched beaches, white sand beaches as fine as powder, coral beaches with strong waves. If therefore your pockets are enemies, but your mind is on the way, Lampung will always come out victorious.

Road Sekampung Dam, the latest destination of the city in Pringsewu, East Lampung

Finally my husband and I returned to Bandar Lampung. Indeed, the main purpose is not picnics, but business and family business. But claiming to be a travel blogger, it’s a loss if you don’t want to budget time to go on picnics, explore tourist spots, and enjoy culinary delights. Wherever I go, there will be no argument from him.

So we went on a picnic on the way to Sekampung Dam from the stories of relatives there a few months ago. The new destination of the city is said to be in Pringsewu, namely the Sekampung Dam road.

Of this Dam

Sekampung Dam Road is located in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung Province. Part of the Sekampung Road irrigation system that uses the Sekampung Road River water as its source, built in 2016, completed in 2019 and inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on September 21, 2021.

Costing about IDR 1.78 billion, the Sekampung Dam Road is about 1.3 kilometers long and 38 meters high. Equipped with 6 water control gates. The drone photos from above, the panorama is very beautiful.

So when the water has flooded in the mother, the water will flow into the middle of the mother’s safety reservoir and then flow into the Sekampung River.

Like Tourist Place

As the saying goes, once rowing 2-3 islands beyond. This principle seems to have been used by the Regional Government of Pringsewu Regency in increasing regional income. But according to the story, this mother was not handed over by the Lampung regional government to the central government. Therefore, this proverb can only be applied in the surrounding community, by collecting entrance tickets, selling services and setting up stalls at the city’s food places.

So, in addition to being a hydroelectric power plant, the Sekampung Dam road project is now the latest destination in Lampung. And this is possible because the water in the mother is very clear with a blue color. From the top of the hill our eyes are drawn upon the broad vistas of the hills which still look beautiful.

Via Sekampung Dam tourist attractions

Opportunities are still limited

Because this is a new destination city, it does not support many tourist facilities. The only way to enter, at one point turning to the road, is through the village. This is another route because the public road to the motherland is still closed. A small road can only meet one car, through cocoa, coffee and banana plantations belonging to the community.

So apart from enjoying the natural panorama, the Sekampung Road Tour does not yet have other attractions. At the very least it could be done in this way;

  1. Enjoy Lampung Typical Cuisine. Around the Sekampung Dam road there are stalls selling food and drinks. But well, not much. And don’t expect typical Lampung culinary delights such as pindang simba (fish head) but only fried chicken, grilled fish, indomie and young coconut ice.
  2. Trekking: If you are tired of being down in one place, you can walk a little along the paths mother’s mouth. Enjoy the fresh air with a panoramic view directly into the center of the motherland.
  3. On board: The community offers wooden boats for rent. Touring the mother enjoying the charm of blue water is an interesting alternative. But see that you do not come too close to the loop of the mother water, you are anxious to be drowned at present.

So, if you are going to Pringsewu, don’t miss the Dam Sekampung road. In addition, here is also the Sekampung road bridge. Unfortunately I couldn’t come here yesterday

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