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Nestled in the harbor town of Labuan Bajo at the western end of the tropical paradise of Flores is an hour’s flight from Bali; AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach the first luxury resort in Komodo offering eco-friendly accommodations, exquisite facilities, recreational activities, and most importantly – millions of views.

In this episode of Raider we take you to the island of Flores, part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Also known as the “Cape of Flowers”, Flores is blessed with coral beaches that offer a distinct blend of culture and land, where waterfalls towering over the peaks, and magical sunsets over Komodo National Park truly encapsulate Indonesia’s unique beauty.

AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach is a five-star resort that offers the quintessential starting point to explore the stunning beauty of the flora in sophistication and comfort. It is located a short drive from the aforementioned road from Komodo International Airport, and the moment you step out to the lobby of the hotel, you will immediately be surrounded by all the greatness. An expansive, high-ceilinged, open-air lobby on the 11th. it is locatedth* The floor is one of the unique design elements of the resort where guests are treated to a panoramic view of the open Flores Sea as they check-in.

Accommodating guests with their own home from home, the resort is elegantly furnished with rooms and suites included 154 Deluxe Full Ocean View Room, 38 Full Ocean View Room and 13 View Suitesall inspired by the rich cultural heritage and rural beauty of flowers. Perched on a 1.4-hectare landscape and spectacularly designed by the globally-recognized architecture firm WATG, guests are enveloped in a soothing atmosphere of rich natural surroundings.

Each room is blessed with unique ocean views from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the balcony, presenting the most mesmerizing outdoor fascination of the sunset behind the distant island of Kukusan. Guestrooms are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, LED TV, private balcony, separate shower, bathroom with ocean view, luxurious bathroom, king size or twin beds, and more.

Complete with international 5-star facilities, you will enjoy phenomenal and memorable experiences at this gem of a resort, from walking along the private white sand beach to taking a dip in the two swimming pools, indulging in an indulgent day at the spa. , staying active in the gym and keeping a happy kid on the kid’s staff. The hotel is well known for providing guests with the highest standard of service, warm and professional hospitality at its AYANA Estate properties in Jimbaran, Bali.

When it comes to dinner, you are spoiled for choice. They meet in the houses of seven destinations, among whom they dine every day Narrativewhere the daily breakfast is held; OXYGENbeach grill; UNTHAT Rooftop sunset cocktails; HonZEN to the best Japanese properties; Pool Bar at the tanks the bite is absorbed; Naga Bara rock social center located at the end of the lietty; and bar tablewhich takes the cake in the quintessential lobby bar.

The 250-meter-long private jetty is where the experiences begin at leisure, whether it’s touching the sun, jumping into the ocean, snorkelling and kayaking, or exploring the island on the most frequented fleet of boats. Guests can also live on the royal table Availability of Lakoa 54-meter yacht with 9 luxury cabins, or take day trips with other AYANA cruise vessels such as the sleek three-deckers that are known as party boats; AYANA Lako SaeIsland-Hopping to Padar Island, Pink Beach and Rinca Island AVAILABILITY of Lako Cama or discovering marine life with a glass-bottom boat; AYANA Lako Taka.

One of the great things about it is its commitment to protecting the surrounding land and sea through effective initiatives. This includes the Marine Discovery Center, led by marine biologist Lee Miles, who holds regular workshops and presentations to educate and raise awareness about conservation and marine life. Example activities include a weekly coral planting program in a coral nursery through litter, recycling, and regular beach cleaning.

AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach
Waecicu Beach, Labuan Bajo, Kab. West Manggarai, Nusa Tenggara Tim
+62 385 244 1000 |

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