Amankila – A Rich Countryman’s Pleasure

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Tucked away in its own private bay with Mt Agung to the north, Amankila is Bali’s most beautiful property.

It is elegant, marbled and lined with frangipani walkways. It is quiet, fitted with vaulted ceilings and modern interiors. But above all it is intimate; with a perfect sense of privacy and personal attention.

My stay there began with the kindness of Amankila’s staff, who gave me a quick tour, and whisked me away to my company. I spent the next few hours looking at the perfect ocean view in front of my room and reading the last few pages of my book.

As the sun set, I enjoyed a nice swim at the resort’s three tier pool and relaxed in the cabana. I woke up on the next day of my health, a private boat trip!

I love the boat, I love it as classy, ​​but it’s sad. They took me snorkeling at a local site near the Blue Lagoon, and oh how amazing it was. I have snorkeled in the Blue Lagoon many times before and it never fails to impress me. But in this mysterious place I saw many healthy corals swarming with fish. I also spotted a large pufferfish and a baby stingray!

The trip ended with a nice picnic lunch aboard the decked boat while the captain took me to the restrooms throughout the bay. I was so happy as a kid.

The rain clouds started rolling in after the raft trip, so I decided to take a long flower bath in the room. I returned to the same cabana at sunset and decided to go for his canapé and cocktail, before enjoying dinner at the restaurant itself.

The next morning I got up to enjoy breakfast on the hill. High on its own private hill, Amankila enjoys a pleasant privacy goodbye in the opinion to die for From here it is clear that you have a horizon towards Matthew Agung. On the other, you have a view of the beautiful ocean slightly to the east, where the sun rises. This breakfast experience is nothing short of magical!

Ernest Ludick, the general manager, stopped by and showed me off before lunch. The last touch was a wonderful thing; who was very kind and attentive to me at Amankilas.

I look forward to coming back here in the future.

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Michael Budianto

Source: Elaboarated and Quoted From Many Source

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