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When it comes to celebrating a Special Occasion, finding the perfect location is Key! The setting can make or break your special day, which is why it’s so important to choose your venue ‘as close to perfection as possible’.

Consider the best for Special Days! How about your very own Private Beach Villa at Private Estate, Gondang Beach? How about one of the Luxury Poolside Lodge Suites at Lombok Hotel, Medana Bay? What about the turquoise ocean in Bagno Di Gili, Lombok’s exclusive hospitality beach? What about the combinations above for very specific assignments?

Whether you’re thinking of a milestone birthday, that special anniversary, here’s an invitation to ‘Lombok with a difference’ for your special day. Because a special day deserves a special place.


The island of Lombok with its stunning natural beauty and serene climate is the perfect destination to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or a special anniversary. The paradise of Lombok has many beautiful regions, each with a unique charm, although the most beautiful view of the South, the upmarket North West part of Lombok & the Gili Islands will remain our All Time Library for memories and memories and will make your special day to celebrate. a truly special occasion.

Here’s how you can plan the perfect paradise birthday celebration while staying at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel or at our brand new hotel. Private Villa Estate;

“Surya Sevana” translates to “Free Rise”. In many Asian cultures, sunrise is considered a sacred and auspicious practice. Get up early on your special day to watch the sunrise on the great Mount Rinjani while enjoying morning tea and offering prayers or meditations. It is believed that this practice can bring peace, dignity, and energy to the rest of your unique days. This should not be lacking in a positive and grateful attitude towards the natural world.

At Lombok Lodge we are experts in the sunrise and sunset at Lombok Lodge – in all its splendor over the great Mount Rinjani – full of glory, opulence and bright light. Rather, staying at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel, or at the brand new private Villa Estate, we offer you a beautiful Hindu experience to “Worship Lord Surya” and to take in our rising Surya Sevana Hotspots. Lombok Lodge Surya Sevana Herbal Tea – with the most delicious and abundant herbs from Chef Jiwa’s organic garden – will be offered free of charge.

Our Blog posts about Surya Sevana
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There is something special about this special day!
A special birthday lunch with Bulls is a must for any paradise celebration! Why not opt ​​for one of our Private Dining Experiences on your Special Day; A Private Sea View at Lombok Lodge Medana Bay? The Boathouse at Medana Bay? Or why not celebrate or make your morning cruise more memorable?
All of our Celebration Dinner Packages offer a unique romantic setting with an ocean or beach view.
Lunch Menu > https://lomboklodge.org/breakfast-menu
Champagne List > https://lomboklodge.org/champagne-list

Paradise is known for its stunning natural beauty, and what better way to explore it than through a scenic tour. You can go on a helicopter tour, or hike to explore the local flora and fauna. Make sure to bring a camera to capture the breathtaking views.
Helicopter Tour over Mount Rinjani > https://lomboklodge.org/mont-rinjani-by-helicopter
Buddhist Buani Trekking > https://lomboklodge.org/buddhist-morning-trekking
Morning Mountain Bike Tour> https://lomboklodge.org/morning-mountain-bike
Morning Golf Tour> https://lomboklodge.org/morning-golf-tour

11:00 AM – Enjoy the bathroom
Paradise is also famous for its idyllic litis! Visit Bagno Di Gili on your special day! You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, boating or just relax in your Private Beach Gazebo. Remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and your own water tumbler with plenty of water throughout the day. Let’s enjoy!

Find more ideas to get the most out of your BDG day and our Blog Post ‘The Perfect Gili Day’ > https://www.thelomboklodge.com/blog/the-perfect-gili-day-is-waiting-for- you

Your ship’s crew & captain will be ready for you. I recommend that you leave Bagno Di Gili between 5:00 pm & 5:30 pm for the best setting experiences. Your camera is ready for the most stunning sunset photos. Share your best shots on Instagram and tag @thelomboklodge @bagno.di.gili @the.lomboklodge.pool.villas #TheLombokLodgeHospitality

6:00 AM – SPA CARE Pamper yourself
A birthday celebration in Paradise is also a great opportunity to treat yourself to relaxing Spa treatments. Find Traditional Massages, Facials, and other treatments to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Did you know we offer Special Spa Hours, just for you on this special day? We are happy to serve you late afternoon treatments on your return from your Bagno Di Gili Trip. Discover our Spa Menu > https://lomboklodge.org/spa-menu


CHEF Jiwa beach barbecue under the stars
End the special day in style with Chef Jiwa’s Birthday Beach BBQ.
Find our Beach Barbecue Menu > https://www.flavorslombok.com/sex-

Not a BBQ lover?
Don’t miss Chef Jiwa’s Lobster Menu>

In conclusion, your perfect celebration in Paradise Lombok includes Luxury Accommodation, Park, Champagne Lunch, Scenic Tour, Delicious Beach Lunch, Water Activities & Turtle Spotting, Spa Treatments and Special Birthday Lunch. And last but not least, a celebration of delicious cake and a unique Celebration Song by The Lombok Team Lodge.

With the diary program suggested above, you will create memorable memories and make your special day a truly special occasion. The program is available for guests of Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel, as well as for accommodation at the Private Villa Estate. We recommend that you check out our LOMBOK CELEBRATIONZ Package Arrangement to make the most of your CELEBRATION stay.

For more Promotional Package Offers, available in conjunction with the accommodation of your choice – kindly visit the following link – https://www.thelomboklodge.com/your-lombok-hotel-stay. Confirm one of our Promotional Package Offers, and you will benefit from a 15% discount for all package inclusions.

A special day. A day to reflect on the past year, appreciate your accomplishments, and set goals for the coming year. A day to celebrate life, love, and that special person and/or special people you care about the most!

Make the most of your special day. Make the most of your time in Lombok. We are at your service and ready to assist in any way we can to organize your special day. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Mail: hello@thelomboklodge.com – Chat: https://wa.me/6285100622926 – Call: +62 (0)851 00622 926

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