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Urban Generosity Very familiar.

These are the three words that best describe our Sunday Brunch at Rumarim, a restaurant in Raffles Bali.

Located on a hill above Jimbaran Bay, Raffles Bali is the go-to property for the most luxurious stays in South Bali. When I learned about their bi-weekly Sunday Brunch, I was curious to try it out.

Personally greeted by the hotel staff and Katya, the General Manager, we started our gastronomic journey with the creation of mixology, Loloh, as our favorite drink. We were then returned to our table in the intimate section of Rumari Restaurant.

The entire brunch is basically a fine dining experience, but with endless layers. You have a side table of the presentation that goes around, but you can also choose from a curated selection of ala-carte.

After three orders of our first 2 courses (Tuna and Grilled Scallop) three lovely starters passed as our starters. First was the tartare mix. The second was the fritter. But the third took the stage altogether; chef’s creation of steamed fish dipped in passion fruit sauce and topped with jalapeno and caviar. It looked and tasted amazing, a subtle blend of tanginess and herbs.

See how it was presented to us!

After finishing the three golden bouches, our sums are ready to be served. Both were good, although personally the scallop was definitely the highlight.

After the maritime land we came to the territory. Order foie gras, heritage pork, and wagyu.

And as before, no dissapoint them. The foie gras was soft, and the taste was great. The heritage pork (descended from the original Bali pigs, which is a black-spotted breed) had a sweet touch and a pleasant flavor.

Then, when I tasted the wagyu, the look on my face clearly changed because it was tender, juicy and really amazing tasting.

Part of the Rumari experience is that the chefs will go to each table and explain the food and the restaurant’s philosophies. He was right on the table with “her” face, and he smiled.

“Wagyu is really our guests’ favorite,” he said. I am with many on this.

He explained to Rumari the philosophy of refuge; The main theme is locally produced sustainable resource. Just like how Raffles Resort brings the best of Bali, from wood, structure and equipment, Rumari Restaurant focuses on bringing the best of Indonesian local produce in every menu.

The following two tables clearly show the side, and indeed I was surprised.

First: Cheese Galore!

And oh my, how amazed I was when I learned that all these cheeses are produced locally in Indonesia.

9 different cheeses; from soft to hard, all in European style, but locally produced from Java and other parts of Indonesia.

Add to that, many seasonings and 3 honey to choose. My favorite is caryophyllum infused with honey, a totally new taste I’ve never experienced before.

Second: Arak Twist!

Arak Bali is a traditional alcoholic drink that can be found in every corner of the island. He takes this rum to another level by infusing it with various fruits and herbs and serving it on the rocks.

The ice rocks are not average. Edible flowers were used locally, and the inside of each crystal cube was sealed. That intrigued me so much; first time I’ve seen anything like it!

My stomach was at its worst. But it was still the last day of the day; desserts

Sunday brunch comes with a variety of side dishes that are all personally prepared by the pastry chef. They all looked tantalizing!

Finally, the plate I ordered ended up with this magnificent brownie.

It was already 4pm when we finished and the sky started to change to a lighter color. So I thought, why not enjoy a little more time in this lovely oasis.

It was done on Sunday, and we look forward to coming back here again.

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Michael Budianto

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