8 Happy Activities in Karanganyar Tourism Village

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Karanganyar tourism Village Activities Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. But not only Borobudur Temple, there is also Karanganyar Tourism Village which is worth a visit. This village is only 5 km or 10 minutes drive from Borobudur. There is no village, in Karanganyar Village you can experience various activities that are full of education, culture and art. It’s really fun, really! Here are his 8 actions:

Making Pottery

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If you like art activities, you will love it workshop do this painting You will be invited to witness the manufacturing process with traditional tools and try it under guidance educator profession And you can create pottery for your home, you know!

Education in the Posthabitat Etawa Goats

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The Etawa goat, or Jamnapari goat, comes from India. In Karanganyar Village, invited to feed, milk, milk, and so on.

Wayang Suket Education

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Wayang is usually made of leather, but wayang suket is made of grass. Wayang suket is used to play wayang stories to children in Javanese villages. Slamet Gundono, a puppeteer from Tegal, is trying to increase the popularity of wayang suket at the performance stage. In this village you will be taught how to make suket wayang from A – Z and learn to play it.

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Jowo Gamelan Education

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Gamelan consists of various instruments, such as drums, saron, demung, bonang, kenong, gongs, xylophone, etc. For those interested in learning about gamelan and the art of playing, this is the place!

Written Batik Education

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Written batik is a noble art that has been practiced for hundreds of years. There is nothing to lose if you participate in this written batik education. You will show how to make batik by hand and you can also practice batik immediately.

Jamasan Pusa

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Jamasan pusaka is a tradition of washing objects left by elders. The remains named as heirs will be purified on the night of the 1st day of Suro according to the Javanese calendar. Jamasan pusaka itself comes from Kromo Inggil Javanese (the highest level in Javanese). ‘Iamas’ means washing, cleansing or washing. While the word Pusaka is a designation of an object that is believed to have sacred or certain powers. Do you want to know how to complete the ritual? Come and play in Karanganyar Village!

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When he tasted Ndugal Coffee

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Ndugal Coffee is a typical coffee from Karanganyar Tourism Village. Well, you can enjoy this coffee when the delicious tofu is processed. Hmm.. delicious!

Siswo in the Kubro dance

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This dance has a scene in the spread of Islam in Java and the struggle against colonialism. Kubro It means big and Siswo It means studentsit means disciples who have a great devotion to God. However, this dance is accompanied by a qasidah song whose lyrics are replaced with messages of da’wah in Javanese in the hope that it can spread the spread of Islam.

Instead of being told all the time, it’s better to just feel it than to be excited adventure in Karanganyar tourism Village, Borobudurbecause there are still many other operations there, as explained home industry I know, Bamboo education; Outboundfarming, and more!

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