7 Tips for a safe and comfortable Mudik

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Until it is comfort and safetyYes! Soon it! Aladiners, where do you plan to go home? Do not forget to prepare everything you need to arrive safely in your country, and when you return to the city where you live. Lest you forget, the Master will tell you what you must prepare to return home.

1. Be Body Health

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Before you start your journey, your body is whole and healthy, Aladiners. Don’t be tired and try to get enough sleep the day before leaving home so you can focus on the road. For those who fast at home, you can take vitamins or other supplements in the morning to stay strong. If you are tired, feel free to rest The rest of the area.

2. Enough Cash

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In today’s digital age, we don’t need to carry a lot of money in our wallets. But when going home for Eid al-Fitr, you don’t have enough money, right? Because if you want to buy something on the street and the place doesn’t offer digital payments or debit/credit, it can be a hassle!

3. loving Renewal Homecoming Information

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Through triumph, always check the information coming from the media online or rays From there you can have enough information about which routes for large or small vehicles, short routes or rat routes that can be traveled for a short travel time, to pass points. the rest of the space.

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4. Check the condition of the car

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If you go home by car, you need to make sure your car is in good condition. Check engine, oil, brakes, wheels; air bag; and other parties, at least a week before home.

5. Bring important documents

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Don’t forget to bring your KTP, SIM, STNK and tickets going home by plane, train or ship. Also make sure your SIM and STNK are still active, OK?

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6. Bring food and medicine

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When they leave home, something can happen, such as hunger or disease. Because the conditions on the road are very busy, it is likely that the restaurants are also full, so it is important to stock up on food. If wrong? And worse. It is mandatory to bring generic drugs and special drugs if you or your family have certain diseases.

7. Complete the Home Security

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It is not only safety on the road that needs attention, but also the safety of your home. Before we leave, close all the doors and windows, turn off the necessary electricity and remove the gas regulator. If there are neighbors who don’t go home, you can also ask them about the condition of your house while going home.

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