7 Exciting operations with Ngabuburit

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Exciting with Ngabuburit Ramadan is a month full of fun outside of the holy month! Don’t you believe? Here are 7 exciting activities that Indonesian people do to fill their time in ngabuburit. Who knows you might be interested and want to try it too!

1. Playing Decorative Kites

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Playing a decorative kite is a favorite activity of the people of Majalengka, West Java, in ngabuburit. This activity, which has been carried out for generations, is held in the open field until the time of maghrib.

2. Mini Boat Racing

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This activity is enjoyed by the community around Kenjeran Beach, Surabaya. A windy afternoon is perfect for this fun-filled competition.

3. To be done

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Kumbohan is a drunken fishing activity practiced by the people of Lamongan, East Java, in ngabuburit. Of course, not all Lamongan residents do this activity, only those who live around the river that flows through Solo Bengawan. Whenever the Solo Bengawan River rises, the waters will be cloudy and fish will be easily caught. These fish are called munggut or drunk. There are several kinds of fish, the drunkard, the shrimp, the lobster, the bader, the kering, the milkfish, and others.

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Bebeledugan means explosions in Sundanese. The explosions in question were caused by large bamboo cannons (lodong) filled with kerosene and gunpowder. The gunpowder was then ignited and fired with a loud noise. That is the favorite activity of the residents of Sukaharja Village in Bogor Regency with ngabuburit.

5. See Glory Is

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Who would have thought that trains could bypass such a fun activity? This is because the inhabitants of Madiun are often with Ngabuburit. Usually, the residents start coming around 16.00 WIB to the end of the railway tracks which are not far from the Madiun Station. Towards Maghrib there are three regular trains that pass through the city of Madiun, namely two regular trains and one nautical train. As the evening progresses, the atmosphere on the side of the railway tracks becomes more lively because vendors also come to sell food and various games.

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6. Rock Climbing

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They don’t just look at the obstacles, the residents of Madiun also enjoy other recreational activities while they are away from the city: rock climbing! This action took place at the Wilis Stadium in Madiun. While I’m waiting, there’s nothing wrong with exercising!

7. Play with Mongoose

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This activity was organized by a community of animal lovers in Jombang Regency, East Java. While waiting for the time to fast, they brought and played with pet mongooses in front of Jombang Station.

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