6 Super Exciting Islands in Labuan Bajo

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6 Labuan Bajo IslandHey Aladdiners! Have you been to Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) yet? It’s a shame if you don’t have one. Because Labuan Bajo is one of the 5 Super Priority Destinations in Indonesia, it is of course the tourist destinations that become the priority of the ‘New Bali’. That’s why Labuan Bajo should be your top travel destination! One attraction of Labuan Bajo that is famous all over the world is Komodo Island. But besides that, the islands are still no less beautiful, you know. Do you want to know something?

Komodo island

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Komodo Island is one of the 3 islands that are part of Komodo National Park. So far, they are 2500 Komodo dragons are spread over three large islands and surrounding small islands. In 2011, this island was named part of the “7 Wonders of the World”.

Kalong Island

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This island is one of the small islands in the Komodo National Park area. As the name suggests, this island is home to thousands of large bats that usually come out of their nest at night. The best time to visit Kalong Island is in the late afternoon to evening, so you can enjoy the exotic sun and see the bats. spot sunset on Kalong Island, this is the most beautiful spot in the Komodo National Park area.

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Moringa Island

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This island is famous for its wonderful marine life. You can see hundreds of species of fish snorkel and see colorful coral reefs. From the city of Labuan Bajo, you can go to this island by boat for 30 minutes. In addition to this, this island is quite quiet and the sand is soft, so it is perfect for those who want to blow your mind!

Padar Island

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Despite being in the Komodo National Park and one of the 3 largest islands there, Padar Island is not inhabited by Komodo dragons. So, although you cannot find these ancient animals on this island, you can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama, one of which is Pink Beach. You can also go trekking on the hill and then when you reach the top of the hill, you will be treated to views of the blue sea and the green islands.

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Kanawha Island

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Want to feel like you’re on a private island vacation? Just visit Kanawa Island! Previously, this island was managed privately by an Italian man, but later it was transferred to the local population. With an entrance fee of only IDR 5,000, you can enjoy a variety of great activities on this island such as snorkeling, underwater photography, watching sunrise and sunset, hikingand others.

Rinca Island

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If Komodo Island has more forest, Rinca Island has more savanna. On this island you can visit Kampung Rinca and Kampung Karora to socialize the local community. One of the most interesting activities on this island is that you can plant mangroves to preserve the environment around the island. You know that the Uca seed can be registered according to our name. If, then, you return to this island, you will find how far the scabby plants have advanced.

How? Are you interested in having an adventure in Labuan Bajo – Komodo Island? It won’t be long, just check it out 3 days 2 nights tour on Komodo Island. The Lord will invite you island hopping and play in the islands of your heart. It really should be fun!

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